US Weekly Praises Bulbhead’s Ruby Sliders In New Review

Bulbhead’s Ruby Sliders provide protection for your home.

Written by the Us Weekly team, a new review from Ruby Sliders explains how the innovative new product can help maintain the quality of your floors. With flexible rubber sleeves to help them adapt to any piece of furniture, Ruby Sliders are designed for tile and hardwood floors. As stated in the review, “By purchasing these sliders you are entering a world where you don’t have to worry about your floors tarnishing.”

Manufactured by BulbHead, Ruby Sliders are available in a pack of eight or 48 and feature soft red padding to support the buyer’s furniture and help them brush the floor without making noise or damaging the floor himself. This padding is made from a premium quality nano-woven felt that is secured with industrial grade adhesive to ensure it does not come off. As the review notes, Ruby sliders also give furniture the ability to easily slide along hard surfaces, meaning furniture can be rearranged however you like.

BulbHead is an American company that works to develop smart solutions for everyday problems. Tackling problems in the home, garden, kitchen or related to children, pets, beauty and a healthy lifestyle, these innovative products make life easier. Bulbhead has served over 100 million happy customers through its secure Shopify website. As a trusted brand since 2015, they also offer free shipping on all orders over $ 50.

About BulbHead: BulbHead designs innovative solutions to make everyday life more convenient. Based in the United States, the company sells products for all aspects of home life, from the kitchen to the bathroom, that will help consumers save time and money. For more information and to browse the full catalog, visit

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