Twitter can charge for your company’s tweets

SAN FRANCISCO – Follow the takeover by Elon Musk of Twitter is like a pulse racing thriller. Each tweet creates a cacophony of comments. However, one thing seems more certain: Musk is looking to increase his income and your tweets could soon cost you dearly.

Using his favorite method of communicating his thoughts as they arise, Musk recently tweeted, “Twitter will still be free for casual users, but maybe a slight cost for commercial/government users,” suggesting a potential new source of revenue for the social network. . “Ultimately, the downfall of Freemasons was to give away their stonemasonry services for nothing. Some income is better than nothing!”

It was also reported that Musk was considering monetizing viral tweets or charging fees for verified users or tweet embeds.

For your social media planning, the wise choice would be to put a fictitious amount for Twitter costs, just in case.

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