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Recycling at home continues to be an important practice for reducing waste and protecting the environment from pollutants.

Those with used tires in Nyahururu see them as a waste, but for Joseph Kimemia he considers them a gem. He made a living from used tires while designing various pieces of furniture.

Vice President Dr William Ruto receives a table made from old tires by Joseph Kimemia in Rurii neighborhood, Nyandarua county. Photo by Antony Mwangi

The self-taught tire maker says it takes very little time to design and manufacture an item from tires. “I have mastered the art and can now use the shortest time possible to complete a design.

“I collect the tires mainly from garages. The little ones opt for the Sh100 and the Sh300 car tires. I then clean them and make sure there are no loose hangers that could be dangerous. I dry them and then apply a black paint because it makes it easier to paint other desired colors, ”explains Kimemia.

It uses spray paint due to its all weather nature. Depending on the design and type of furniture, glass, wood or cushion materials can be used.

The process of creating a chair or coffee table takes a maximum of four hours. This, he says, involves putting two tires of the same size together to give size to the furniture.

“My dream is to inspire as many people as possible. I want to let young people know that you don’t have to rely on a white collar job, but that you can create your job. Always look for opportunities and be your boss, ”he says.

He says his biggest achievement so far has been when Vice President Dr William Ruto recognized his art and bought him a table during his last visit to Nyandarua County.

A table designed to resemble the map of Kenya which was made from old tires by Joseph Kimemia. Photo by Antony Mwangi

“I designed the table and took it to the Rurii neighborhood where the vice president had visited. When his assistant saw the table, they advised me to take him to the podium where he was sitting. It was a turning point for my art because many people who saw me on TV and on social networks started ordering my products, ”Kimemia recalls jovially.

However, Kimemia says it hasn’t been an easy trip for him as he receives a lot of negative energy from his friends and community, but it hasn’t killed his dream and vision.

In addition, his latest designs use metal drums to make seats and the reception has been good. He uses social media to advertise his products for mass reach.

By Antony Mwangi and Rahab Naimutie

recycling of used tire waste

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