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Best Black Friday 2021 Product Lists

Best Product Lists’s mission is to provide reviews, products at good prices that match the criteria and trends of this Black Friday 2021.

Since 2020, the pandemic has erupted strongly around the world and there is no sign of cooling in 2021. Therefore, the consumer consumption trend is also gradually changing. Each year, Black Friday is considered the biggest selling event of the year. This is the opportunity for buyers to purchase items at bargain prices. All products are sold in large quantities and are fairly consistent in terms of items. However, in 2021, the best product listings predict that: Consumers will tend to purchase more essentials on Black Friday to save on shopping costs.

Based on a survey of around 500,000 visitors, the top product listings show that online shopping is now the most popular way to buy. Almost 75% of people shop online, only around 25% do not have access to online shopping (these are mostly elderly or do not have internet access).

User traffic and searches for certain items have skyrocketed since the start of the year in top product listings. Some were even up almost 47% from the same time last year and were searched with the keyword Black Friday deal. From there, it shows that the purchasing power of users changes depending on the type of product.

Analysis and data from top product listings predicted the top 7 super cool Black Friday 2021 products. Let’s take a look at the items below:

1. Holiday vouchers

Most long-distance trips have been canceled due to the pandemic, so consumers tend to look for Staycation vouchers. Search volume for Staycation vouchers increased nearly 65% ​​from 2020 as discounted travel vouchers allow customers to enjoy a comfortable stay near home while minimizing the risk of illness.

2. Camping equipment

As the COVID-19 pandemic and travel restrictions remain in place, outdoor camping gear is making it easier for consumers to have a great alternative vacation.

This year, some camping services are 400% busier than at the same time last year. As a result, customers will be looking for more camping gear offerings, including tents, sleeping bags and stoves.

3. Electronics

This is one of the hottest items on Black Friday. According to the list of the best products, the phrase “Electronics Black Friday Deals” gets about 49,500 searches per month. Shows a huge need to buy electronics.

4. Kitchen utensils

Restrictions on exits and the closure of on-site food and beverage outlets boosted sales in the kitchenware market. According to the prediction of the best product listings, this is a very attractive product for Black Friday.

5. Fitness equipment

Fitness equipment has also been in high demand recently. Sales from 2020 have risen sharply and have shown no signs of slowing down this year due to the impact of the outbreak. Some countries implement social distancing policies or restrict activities, people tend to exercise at home. Therefore, fitness equipment should be heavily discounted if customers buy on Black Friday.

6. Furniture

In the early months of the pandemic, there were many home improvement projects – improving living space for people who couldn’t get out. Therefore, furniture stores are expected to sell a lot of items during Black Friday this year.

7. Health and well-being

Meanwhile, people are so worried about their health that they are willing to spend more money than ever on health products. In particular, the two most sought after products in the best product lists are masks and hand sanitizer.

According to research statistics, the keyword “best mask” or “best hand sanitizer” accounts for 70% of search visits. In addition, functional foods also have significant sales.

“We can see that the pandemic has favored planned and intentional purchases and the shift to sustainable and rational consumption. The Top Product List suggests readers the best products per hour. Specifically, during big events like Halloween, Christmas, Black Friday, etc., we will often give advice on the right products and trends. It helps customers budget and reduce buying pressure “- Gilbert Blythe, Marketing Director, shared.

Best Product Lists is one of the websites that also provides reviews, good price products that match the criteria and trends. With a mission is to offer customers the most objective view on the products that interest them. All product information and reviews are carefully selected and reviewed by the team before recommending an order to customers. The best product listings are fast becoming the best choice for customers to help them choose the one that’s right for them.

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