TikTok: Early settlers’ furniture is ‘dangerous’, warns Dr Imogen

A popular Australian doctor on TikTok has warned his 25,000 followers not to buy furniture from this brand.

An Australian doctor has slammed a furniture company for its ‘f**king awful’ response after his mother was injured by a product she claimed was faulty.

TikTok user Imogen (@imi_imogen), who has nearly 25,000 followers on the platform, posted a video on Thursday about her experience with Early Settler, a national chain with 56 stores in Australia and New Zealand.

“Please don’t buy these dangerous products,” she captioned the video. “We will report it to the ACCC.”

In the video, Imogen said she and her partner bought some new outdoor furniture last month.

“We saw it in their catalog and it was foldable, which is great for a couple who has to move around a lot due to work,” she said.

“Unfortunately, a few hours after putting it in place, the product malfunctioned with only my grandmother and my mother sitting on it. The bench seat broke and my mother crashed to the floor. The screws placed in the bench were both too narrow and too short to be sufficient or secure to hold this product together.

She showed pictures of the broken table and her mother’s badly bruised legs.

“My mum suffered some pretty decent bruises but we just counted our lucky stars that the person who crashed to the ground was her and not my 82 year old grandma,” she said.

“The next day we contacted Early Settler by phone and asked to speak to the manager, as we were deeply concerned about the safety of this product. After three phone calls, the manager refused to speak to us, so my mother with bruises exposed and my partner walked in. Again the manager refused to talk to us, and the best they could offer us was store credit if we could fit the 2.5 meter long table in our car and bring it back to the store.

Imogen said it was “completely inappropriate” under Australian consumer law.

“The product is unsafe and has resulted in injuries, so it should be investigated for a possible recall,” she claimed.

“Under Australian consumer law, we are entitled to a full refund of the product, and because the item is large, we are entitled for them to come and collect the product. So my mother contacted the national management of “Early Settler for help. They promised to help us, they promised us the world. Finally today after three weeks they got back to us and the best they could offer us was again a store credit and table collection themselves.

Imogen said they were “really disappointed” with the response.

“The product is still for sale on their website,” she said.

“Not only were they not helpful, they really failed to meet their obligations under Australian consumer law.”

She added: “So I just wanted to take the time on TikTok, where I have 25,000 followers, to warn people not to buy furniture from Early Settler because it could be dangerous, it could lead to injury, you don’t know, and if you have any problems they are really awful to deal with.

A spokeswoman for the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission said the agency had not commented on individual complaints.

“If a supplier becomes aware of a serious injury, illness or death caused by a product they are supplying, the supplier must make a mandatory injury report via the Product Safety Australia website,” a she said in a statement.

“If a supplier discovers that a product it supplies is unsafe, the ACCC expects the supplier to initiate a voluntary recall to inform consumers of the risk, address the safety issue, or remove the product from the market. . Consumers can also report products they consider unsafe to the ACCC via the Product Safety Australia website.

The spokeswoman for the consumer watchdog said Australian consumer law provides general protections known as consumer guarantees.

“These warranties apply automatically to products and services purchased by Australian consumers and require that any goods or services supplied are of acceptable quality, fit for purpose and safe,” she said.

“If you have a minor problem with a product or service, the company may choose to offer you a free repair instead of a replacement or refund. When you have a major problem with a product, you have the right to request, at your option, a replacement or a refund.

Early Settler has been contacted for comment.

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