The Swedish mafia and IKEA team up for a furniture collection

In September 2021, the global supergroup Swedish house mafia and IKEA announced an upcoming collection of music-related furnishing solutions designed for making, playing and listening to music at home.

The name of the collection, OBEGRÄNSAD, was first revealed at the IKEA Festival in Milan. “OBEGRÄNSAD” is the Swedish word for “unlimited”, and the name alludes to the target group of the collection: those with a limited budget, but unlimited creativity. With the OBEGRÄNSAD collection, the Swedish House Mafia and IKEA aim to democratize home music production and allow as many people as possible to unleash their passions and creativity.

Reveals at the IKEA Festival during Milan Design Week 2022 featured three highlights from the collection: a desk, an armchair and a record player. The OBEGRÄNSAD collection has the versatility to offer solutions for home installation, whether you are a music producer, DJ or musician, as well as solutions for simply relaxing and listening to music. “Design is about creating, playing, having fun and even just setting the mood,” says Swedish House Mafia.

The OBEGRÄNSAD desk is a basic solution for upcoming music makers. The collection responds to the trend of making professional quality music at home and is essential for creating the perfect home studio at an affordable price. “Sound is everything in the music, and we’ve added two speaker stands to the desk to bring the speakers up to ear level. We’ve also added a pull-out shelf under the desk. This feature allows you to have a midi keyboard, for example, within reach, while maximizing the space on your desk,” says Friso Wiersma, designer at IKEA.

The OBEGRÄNSAD armchair represents the balance of form and function at the heart of this collaboration. Minimalist design creates pure elegance, adjustable straps add functionality to fine-tune the level of comfort. The armchair features the part of the collection that supports creating a relaxing environment to enjoy your music experience at home. “Armchairs are a place to relax, reflect, get into the creative flow. The OBEGRÄNSAD armchair demonstrates the importance of comfort,” says James Futcher, Creative Leader at IKEA of Sweden.

The most unexpected product unveiled at Milan Design Week is the OBEGRÄNSAD record player. The product celebrates the timeless joy of the listening experience with vinyl records. The OBEGRÄNSAD record player has a sleek, minimal style and works perfectly with IKEA’s ENEBY speaker.

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