The Muncie community welcomes Buyer’s Market at the Muncie shopping center


Customers can find discounted designer clothing, home accessories and other unique finds here in Muncie. Buyer’s Market is the newest store to come to Muncie Mall and has moved to the old JCPenney location.

Buyer’s Market buys aftermarket products from major brands and retailers. Merchandise can include overstock, insurance recovery, customer returns, off-season merchandise, bankruptcy purchases and more. These products are purchased at a lower price than the wholesale value, which allows these savings to be passed on to customers.

Buyer Market Communications Director Carlie Bounds said the store’s inventory fluctuates daily and its selling prices are dependent on products purchased and received. She said the Muncie community has welcomed the business with open arms.

“We love to meet new customers and present them with the great deals we offer,” Bounds said via email.

Buyer’s Market offers designer clothes, shoes, housewares, furniture, health and beauty products, food, linens, home improvement and more. The store often receives new shipments, replenishes shelves daily, and takes markdowns to reduce prices each week.

Learn more about the buyers’ market

  • The store offers a 10% student discount on Thursdays with a valid student card. Members of the military and the elderly can receive 10% off their purchases every Wednesday.
  • Buyer’s Market is open Wednesday to Saturday from 9:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. and Sunday from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. The store is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays for restocking.
  • The Buyer’s Market Facebook page offers an overview of new products and markdowns.
  • Sign up for online job alerts.

Source: Carlie Bounds, Buyer’s Market communications director

“You never know what you might find,” Bounds said.

Buyer’s Market is different from other retailers because it offers merchandise at much lower prices than other stores.

“Our selection changes daily and we take markdowns often,” said Bounds. “An item can be in stock today, but disappear tomorrow, creating an exciting ‘buy it when you see it’ shopping experience. “

Bounds said the store’s merchandise is shipped directly to the store’s warehouse. This allows the store team to process and store the goods directly in the sales area, ensuring new offers daily. Throughout the buying process, staff are able to offer discounted, branded products and unique finds that customers typically don’t see in the area.

The interior of the Muncie Mall Buyers’ Market is on view on July 18, 2021. The new store has moved into the old JCPenny location and opened in June. Iris Tello, DN

Olivia Moore, a resident of Alexandria, Indiana, was with her mother, Misty Moore, at the Buyer’s Market on July 18. Olivia Moore is a media student at Indiana University and has been to Buyer’s Market looking for new bedding for her new apartment in Bloomington, Indiana.

“We both think the store is pretty cool, but you have to look into a lot of things,” Misty Moore said. “A lot of the boxes are still taped up so we can’t see inside which is difficult because I’m pretty sure there are some good deals in there but we feel like we don’t can’t open the boxes. ”

Olivia and Misty Moore said people who like to browse and find bargains would appreciate the store. Olivia Moore said she was at Muncie Mall the week before she returned to Buyer’s Market, noticed the new store and wanted to check it out with her mom.

Misty Moore said she believes the buyers’ market will be beneficial in attracting businesses to the Muncie Mall, especially customers of socio-economic diversity due to its cheap prices.

“It’s sad to see how the shopping centers are deteriorating,” she said. “My first job was in a mall, and that’s when they were really booming.”

Kimberly Frasier, a resident of Albany, Indiana, was also shopping on July 18 and was drawn to Buyer’s Market because she needed new work clothes. She said it was her first time visiting the store.

“I think we need something to fill the mall for people to come to the mall – and [Buyer’s Market has] nice designer clothes, ”said Frasier.

Frasier said she hopes the Muncie Mall will open new stores soon, as she would hate to see it close.

Muncie resident Katie Combs said she came to the store with her husband after finding out about the place on her own.

“My husband took me here today [July 18], just to show me around, ”Combs said. “And then he said it was the biggest mistake he ever made because I walked out of here in 20 minutes with $ 200 worth of clothes and I’m back for more.”

Combs said the clothes were what interested him most in the store. She hopes to see more decorative items like plants and table decorations when she returns. Although the store has household items, Combs said she would like to see more variety.

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