The Best Furniture Paint in 2022 – Start This DIY Project at Home

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Whether you inherited a run-down dining room set from your parents or want to update a salvaged vintage piece, furniture paint is a quick and easy way to breathe new life into old pieces. Opt for trim or furniture paints that have harder finishes, so the finished paint job will be more durable and won’t flake or flake easily. Also, prioritize the finish as it can leave you with different results. For example, high gloss paint gives a more modern feel while chalk paint is great for the farmhouse aesthetic.

Remember that before you start painting, it is important to remove all material and clean the surface to remove any dirt or grease. You should also use sandpaper to roughen the surface. It is not necessary to go down to bare wood, but the new paint will stick better to the original surface. Or you can skip the sanding altogether and opt for a liquid sander polisher when prepping. Either way, it’s a crucial step that you can’t skip. And if you’re covering a darker color, apply a fresh coat of primer and don’t rush. Take your time, let the paint dry well between coats (you’ll usually need two, sometimes more), and let it sit for a few days before using the furniture again.

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Best budget

Valspar Enamel Paint for Cabinets and Furniture

  • Durable with an oil-enhanced formula for durability
  • Does not leave brush marks
  • Some reviewers say it takes three coats to cover

The first is the paint which continues with a nice level finish that resists scuffs and stains. It dries quickly and cleans up with soap and water. “Painting leaves no streaks and goes on so well,” one customer said in a review. “The paint also prevents the drawers from sticking like regular paint would. It brings life to so many things in our home.”

The most versatile

Behr Interior Chalk Decorative Paint

  • Wide choice of colors
  • Can be used alone or with wax for a unique finish
  • May take several coats to bond

This chalk paint can be tinted in over 500 colors, so you’ll have plenty to choose from. It has a flat sheen for a soft finish and you can use different types of wax to create a satin shine or an aged finish. “Love this painting,” shared one enthusiastic buyer. “I’ve painted several pieces of furniture with it and love the results. Goes on smooth and has a nice chalky feel after it dries completely. Be sure to let it dry well between coats.”

The most family

Clare Finish Paint

  • Pure and saturated colors
  • Greenguard Gold Certified
  • Dear
  • Only available online

If you don’t like the smell of paint, Clare Paint is the best choice. With its ultra-low odor and absence of toxic air pollutants, it’s the ultimate family bucket.

“I admit we had some issues with this paint can, as it spilled all over the box,” one reviewer revealed. “But the customer service went above and beyond to catch up with us. In fact, just the service I received makes me feel like I need to buy more from this company! It’s a good thing the product has it. even be amazing!”

Ideal for vintage aesthetics

milk paint

  • Dries quickly and can be recoated in an hour
  • Works on wood, glass, aluminum or metal surfaces
  • Very limited color palette

Milk paint has a more semi-transparent sheen than chalk paint, but it still gives you an aged finish. You can achieve a faded look by applying a V-shape stroke or applying a layer of color to achieve the desired shade.

“This product is awesome,” according to a five-star review. “Very easy to use and goes a long way. I bought two cans of this paint to repaint my bedroom set (two bedside tables, a chest of drawers and a headboard) as well as a banquet table for my dining room. I used one can of paint for both projects and each element only required two coats of paint.”

Best exterior

Interior/Exterior Satin

  • Does not require sanding or priming
  • Adheres to almost any type of surface

Need to update those Adirondack chairs or planters? This cult paint can be used on any type of surface, indoors or outdoors, without primer.

“The paint itself is wonderfully smooth and easy to apply (my 6 year old helped me); it dried quickly so I didn’t have to wait to come back for a second coat,” said one buyer. “The door hadn’t been painted in ages and is in direct sunlight for over 6 hours a day, but it held up much (!) better than expected. I also painted our old rusty metal mailbox with ;! I didn’t sand either this one or the wooden door before applying it; both look brand new.”

Best overall

Pro Classic Interior Waterborne Acrylic Enamel

  • Very thick, which some reviewers didn’t like
  • Does not include an integrated primer

This formula is smooth and leaves a nice hard finish when dry. There is no strong odor and it holds up well to repeated cleanings. It is also tintable to hundreds of colors.

“This paint is VERY easy to work with and gives a very smooth finish with little to no brush marks,” one reviewer wrote in a review. “I’ve used both a disposable foam brush and a much better Purdy brush, but the results are just superior either way. I’m only a hobbyist and not a pro either.”


What kind of paint do you use on a dresser?

“I like Sherwin Williams Pro Classic because it doesn’t need a primer or topcoat and it sticks well. I also love it for trim and doors because it doesn’t scratch easily,” says Julie Blanner, lifestyle blogger and entertainment expert. “I’ve painted so many wooden furniture pieces with this paint, and not only does it give a clean finish, it doesn’t chip. It has a hard and beautiful sheen.

What type of paint can you use on furniture without sanding?

Sanding is messy and time-consuming, but there is an alternative. “Use a wet sander, which eliminates the need for sanding,” adds Blanner. It applies like paint, gets into nooks and crannies easily, and provides a roughened surface when dry so you can use your favorite furniture paint directly on it.

Can you use any type of paint on furniture?

Not exactly. “High-quality paint is necessary for a smooth, durable finish,” Blanner points out. “A satin or semi-gloss water-based acrylic is best because it adheres well and is easy to clean.”

It costs a little more than some types of wall paint, but the finish will generally be better and last longer.

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