The 10 Most Expensive Items You Can Buy

One of the funniest aspects of Animal Crossing: New Horizons is the room it offers players to customize their gaming experience, whether in the appearance of their character, the structure of their island or the way the interior and exterior spaces are decorated.

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In some cases, however, this customization can cost players a huge amount of Bells, as some wanted items don’t come cheap. After the 2.0 update made over 9,000 new items available for purchase, many of the game’s most expensive old items have been replaced with expensive new goods, each giving players the option to add a touch of luxury to their island experience.

ten Spaceship Control Panel – 190,000 bells

Spaceship Control Panel in Animal Crossing New Horizons

A combination of retro and futuristic, the spaceship control panel is available for purchase either from Nook’s Cranny or through Paradise Planning in the Happy Home Paradise DLC.

The control panel can be customized in two different ways, allowing gamers to change not only the color of the main frame, with a choice of four different looks, but also what is displayed on the main monitor, giving this element versatility. additional.

9 Cold Sleep Pod -190,000 Bells

Cold sleep capsule in Animal Crossing New Horizons

An article that seems to fit perfectly into the lifestyle of the best New Horizons Villager jock, perfect for post-workout refreshment, the Cold Sleep Pod was introduced to the game with the 2.0 update.

With four color variations that match those on the spacecraft’s control panel, the Cold Sleep Pod is also ideal for use in outer space or in displays on science-themed homes/islands. Like the Control Panel, it can be purchased from both Nook’s Cranny using Bells or Paradise Planning using Pokis.


8 Elaborate Kimono Stand – 220,000 Bells

Elaborate kimono stands in Animal Crossing New Horizons

A striking piece of furniture with an elegance to justify its substantial price, the elaborate kimono stand is an ideal item for those wishing to build a Zen-themed home, purchasable at Nook’s Cranny.

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The stand is available in five variations, each of which is a different color and features a different design. Players who own one of the Stands can travel to Harv’s Island and pay Cyrus to customize it, changing the item to whatever variant they want.

7 Castle tower – 250,000 bells

Castle tower in Animal Crossing New Horizons

While many animal crossing players never discover seasonal items available for purchase through Nook Shopping, the Castle Tower can be found through the service’s rotating daily selection.

The tower is part of the castle set object group, which also includes the castle wall and the castle gate. When used together, these pieces can create a large faceplate, and it can be customized (with help from Cyrus) to be one of eight colors. Additionally, players can customize the castle tower to display a banner, using either a pre-made pattern or one of their own custom designs.

6 Grand piano – 260,000 bells

A grand piano player in Animal Crossing New Horizons

An item available to players from New Horizons Initial version, the grand piano can be found in Nook’s Cranny, and once placed, the instrument can be used to play small musical tunes.

Although the grand piano takes up more space than the cheaper upright piano, which costs just 53,000 bells, it functions as a fantastic centerpiece, adding opulence to any room it sits in. The grand piano is available in four color variations; black, white, walnut and cherry.

5 Yacht – 260,000 bells

Boat from Animal Crossing New Horizons

A great way to decorate bare stretches of beach that might get lively, the Yacht is an item introduced with Update 2.0 and can be purchased through Nook Shopping’s daily item selection.

The yacht can be taken to Cyrus for color customization, where six different options are available, but it can also be modified by players, who can add a logo on the side. Regardless of the choices made, however, the yacht is something that makes a lot of logical sense for people living on an island.

4 Luxury car – 300,000 Bells

Luxury car in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Another 2.0 update item, the Luxury Car can be found in Nook Shopping’s daily selection. It can be customized by Cyrus in seven different colors, each with a luxurious feel.

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Despite the neglected nature of New Horizons‘ Upon a player’s arrival, some choose to develop their space into a bustling town or city. For such themed islands, the luxury car is a great addition and makes an area more modern.

3 Throne – 800,000 bells

Throne for sale in Animal Crossing New Horizons

With a price tag that reflects his status as fit for royalty, the New Horizons Throne became available with the 2.0 update and can be purchased in Nook’s Cranny or Paradise Planning, where it costs 720,000 Pokis. The throne frame and its upholstery color can be customized.

One of the coolest things to do in the Happy Home Paradise DLC is to purchase items using Pokis, which players earn by completing house designs. Since the throne is the most expensive piece of furniture in New Horizonsplayers need all the help they can get to acquire it.

2 Crown – 1 million bells

Crown in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Although there are unpopular opinions about animal crossingthe series remains hugely popular, in part because its inclusion of big-ticket items gives players something to work with.

One such item is the Crown, available for purchase from the Able Sisters for a whopping 1 million Bells. Although only available in one color, the Crown can give any outfit an air of luxury. While its price may seem absurd to those just starting out, incremental work in the game can bring gamers to a point where this worthy item is accessible.

1 Royal Crown – 1.2 million Bells

Royal Crown in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Above the regular crown in New Horizons, the most expensive item in the entire game is the Royal Crown, which is 1.2 million bells.

Players can purchase the Royal Crown in the Able Sisters, and it certainly looks like a triumphant piece, suggesting that those who wear it had a great deal of dedication to the game in order to have been able to drop so much money on a single cover. -chief.

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