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Emails from Patricia Wisener (granddaughter of Millard H. Hale)

Letter written by Mrs. Fern Iden Hale (Patricia Wisener family archives)

Millard M. Hale birth announcement, Salina Herald, December 28, 1878

“Mr. JM Anderson, Owner of Riverside Dairy Farm” (new wagon), Salina Herald, October 13, 1877

“Wagon Makers”, Salina Herald, February 1, 1879

“Transfers of Real Estate”, Saline County Journal, April 15, 1880

Hale family, Kansas State Census 1885

Chester D. Hale, Candidate for Commissioner’s Note, The Salina Sun, November 2, 1888

Hale family, 1900 U.S. census, Salina, Saline County, Kansas

“Mistaken Identity”, Salina Daily Union, July 27, 1901

Millard M. Hale, 1902-03 Directory of the town of Salina

“Ninety Enrolled,” The Salina Weekly Union, June 26, 1902

“CD Hale is dead”, Salina Daily Union, October 19, 1906

“Chester D. Hale dead”, The Salina Sun, October 20, 1906

“Chester D. Hale”, Journal du Soir de Salina, October 22, 1906

Millard M. Hale, 1909 Directory of the town of Salina

Millard Hale, 1910 US Census, Salina, Saline County, KS (carpenter on houses)

“Hotel Heidel Arrivals”, Arizona Daily Star, September 10, 1911

“Refugees Tell of Mexico”, Manhattan Republic, May 14, 1914

“The refugees from Mexico”, The Salina Union, May 15, 1914

SS Mazatlan, ship’s manifesto

“Don’t Fear Villa”, Salina Daily Union, April 23, 1917

1918 WWI Registration Card (Millard Mansfield Hale)

1920 United States Census, Tucson, Pima County, Arizona

“Real Estate Transfers,” (Hale to Hutchinson), Salina Evening Journal, January 13, 1920

Mary F. Hale, 1921 Tucson City Directory

Millard and Lydia Hale, 1923 Tucson City Directory

“English Department Honors Bride To Be,” (Fern Iden), Az Daily Star, May 27, 1925

1925 Hale-Iden marriage certificate

1926 Birth certificate of George Curtis Hale

Deed of negotiation and sale of 1929

1930 Pima County Public Road Petition for Hale Road

(To 1930) Emery Park flat map recorded in 1928

1951 Pima County Public Highway Petition for South Park Ave

Millard M. Hale Find a grave website.

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