Starlight decorations are best bought in the Mogstation

While the players play through Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker during the month of December, they will also enjoy the holiday season in real life. Eorzea actually has her own party called The Starlight Celebration, which looks like Christmas in its themes of red jackets, gifts, and fir trees. Final Fantasy 14 has had Starlight events every year since 2010. Within these events, players can get holiday themed items such as trees, clothing, bards, minions, and food.

Players with FF14The houses in the game have a particular fondness for the furniture that can be obtained during Starlight events, which includes large, shiny Starlight trees, table snowmen, gift boxes, wreaths, and more. However, if anyone wants to purchase these items through the Market Board, it will quickly become apparent that they will cost an arm and a leg, ranging from one million to 15 million gil. With that in mind, buying these items with real money on the Mogstation is actually the best option.


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Items and their cost on the market chessboards

Player's house with Starlight decorations.

Of all the holiday decorations, trees are the most sought after. They are perfect for turning any home into a home with a vacation spirit. There are four different types of holiday trees that can be purchased in the market, with the Starlight Sentinel with Star Top, Moon Top, Sun Top, and the regular versions on offer. The cheapest of these across Aether at the moment is the Regular Tree priced at 1,626,450 gil, and the most expensive is the Starlight Sentinel on top of the Moon at 500,000,000 gil. For gamers who want something under their tree, Empty Twinkleboxes sell for 5,145,000 gil at the cheapest price right now.

Trees aren’t all there is, however, as there’s also the Starlight interior wall which can turn an entire floor’s wallpaper into a seasonal theme. The cheapest available on the Ether Market panels is currently two million gil. For homeowners who want wall decor, there is the Starlight Wreath which has its cheapest price at 3,950,000 gil. There is another wall item called Starlight Ornament which is more merciful with 700,000 gil being the cheapest. The cheapest of all the items is food, including the Starlight Dodo and the Starlight Cake which can be purchased for less than 10,000 gil.

As to why these items are so expensive, it is because they cannot be obtained easily by any means other than real world money. The Starlight Interior Wall, Starlight Crown, Empty Twinkleboxes, and Trees with Sun, Moon, and Stars were only available by participating in the 2014 in-game event. The Starlight Sentinel and Starlight Ornament n ‘were only honored at the 2015 Starlight Annual Celebration.

The Mogstation comparison

Character in holiday outfit surrounded by fir trees and light garlands.

The Mogstation is where players can purchase in-game items for real money. In gaming culture, there are players who disapprove of this outlet, but Final Fantasy 14 tends to be much more humble in their items than other MMORPGs – most of their items for sale are from previous events. This includes items from previous Starlight celebrations, such as the four Starlight trees. The website actually offers more than what’s allowed on the Market Board, including Snow Piles, Starlight Pillars, Snowmen, Posters, Goobbue Wreaths, Starlight Saplings, and many different types of Boxes. gifts.

All of these items cost between five and ten real dollars individually, and it makes sense to buy cheaply with real money than at high price with in-game money. After all, items are purely decorative and are only useful for players with houses in the game. Unless a player is rich in the game, it is better to spend gil on equipment, minions, mounts, food, craft materials, glamorous items, actually obtaining one of the FF14 ‘s the game houses and great furniture that is not available on the Mogstation.

Final Fantasy 14 is now available on PC, PS4 and PS5. Endwalker launch on December 7.

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