Seoul Semiconductor Provides SunLike LEDs, Natural Light Reproducing Technology, to KOIZUMI Learning Lighting

ANSAN, South Korea – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – Seoul Semiconductor Co., Ltd. (KOSDAQ 046890), a global optical semiconductor company, announced on the 2nd that it has supplied SunLike, a natural light LED, to KOIZUMI FURNITECH Technology Corp., a Japanese learning furniture company. KOIZUMI FURNITECH, a company specializing in Japanese traditional learning furniture, is an affiliate of the Koizumi group, as is Koizumi, a high-end lighting company.

Seoul Semiconductor supplied SunLike technology to lighting company KOIZUMI. SunLike technology was already applied to the lighting of children’s bedrooms and living room of KOIZUMI in July 2020, and this time it was applied to the desk lamp (ECL-111 and ECL-112) which allows to create an optimal learning and reading environment.

SunLike technology is the world’s first LED solution unique to Seoul Semiconductor that reproduces the spectrum curve of natural light. In recognition of its technology as the lighting most similar to natural light, it won the highest diamond grade from Underwriters Laboratories (UL), an international lighting certification body. In addition, in a study conducted at Seoul National University in Korea, the University of Basel in Europe, and Harvard Medical School led by Dr Shadab Rahman, it was proven that the use of lighting with SunLike technology improves learning abilities such as working memory, resolution accuracy problems, learning speed and cognitive processing speed.

Humans control the secretion of melatonin, a biological hormone, by using the wavelength of light entering through the eyes. Decreased melatonin secretion leads to vigorous physical activity and improved concentration, while increased secretion stabilizes the human circadian rhythm and makes the body rest. The use of morning light applied with SunLike technology promotes brain activity, helping to improve children’s concentration and learning speed, and evening light provides comfortable rest.

KOIZUMI FURNITECH desk lamp with SunLike provides three colors: morning light (natural white + warm white color) for concentration, afternoon light (natural white color) for cognitive processing speed and evening light (warm white color) for relaxation. In addition, there is a 45 minute timer function suitable for elementary school class hours, which helps to maintain the ‘learning and rest cycle’.

“As COVID-19 has reduced outdoor activities for children and students and made them spend a lot of time indoors out of the sun, the importance of lighting has been emphasized,” said a Seoul Semiconductor official. “We expect SunLike, which mimics sunlight, to support eye health and learning for many children.”

Seoul Semiconductor has supplied SunLike technology to desk lamps for several lighting companies, including: “The Light” from Balmuda, Japan, “Prism”, “BY THE M” and “Cozy Light” from Korea, “Xiaomi from China ”and“ Rang Dong ”from Vietnam.

About Seoul Semiconductor

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