Sarah Sherman Samuel’s New Furniture Collection With Lulu & Georgia Hits Updates These 4 Trends

A well-designed boutique hotel can make any destination feel luxurious, and Sarah Sherman Samuel knows it. For his greatest collaboration with Lulu and Georgia– and his first foray into furniture for the brand – the interior designer turned to European lodges for creative fuel, drawing textures (hand-knotted wool and tambor wood) and colors (green sage and terracotta) of the places she missed traveling the most during the pandemic.

Courtesy of Lulu and Georgia

Even though the newly launched pieces, which range from dining chairs to bedside tables, are all from the same line, the idea is that your space will look like a timeless B&B in Prague or Vienna, not straight out of a catalog. As Samuel explained in a recent Instagram post, “you can fill a room with these parts without feeling like you bought everything from one place.” In other words, everything is instant but also made to last. Checkerboards and curvy lines aplenty – Sherman knows just how to breathe new life into seemingly overdone trends.

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collection of cushions on the stairs

Courtesy of Lulu and Georgia

With tiles adorning oblong bolsters, area rugs and wallpaper, the Sherman collection takes a relaxed approach to the classic pattern. The lines have a hand-drawn, sketchy quality to them, which makes the squares feel more relaxed (great if you’re worried about a living room or powder room looking stuffy).

Nonlinear functions

living room with fireplace

Courtesy of Lulu and Georgia

Wavy shapes took the design world by storm last year in the form of radiator covers and murals. However, Sherman turned to wood to give the whimsical scallops a sheen. The back of the Ripple side chair and the delicate frame of the Rise daybed are proof that the wave pattern has grown since 2021.

One leg up

living room with curved sectional

Courtesy of Lulu and Georgia

Look to the ground for all the Sherman details. Instead of boring tapered or standard furniture legs, she opted for a velvet stool with a tripod base and parallel wood panels to support the coffee table.

Take your pole

two oversized accent chairs on a plaid rug

Courtesy of Lulu and Georgia

Old-world ceramics are all the rage right now — Greek busts, Roman urns, even classical columnar pedestals — but Sherman’s take is more geometric than Ionic. Stacked pedestals can give any plant its moment in the sun or serve as art when it can’t support greenery.

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