Sabai expands seats due to customer surprise

Sabai’s latest configuration evolved from customer feedback.

NEW YORK — Sustainable seating company Sabai launched its Essential corner section because of a surprise customer discovery.

When Sabai first launched in 2019, the company thought its customers were “coastal, professional, living in a small city apartment, but passionate about sustainability”. The company learned through a recent customer survey that more than half of its customers live in houses or townhouses (rather than apartments).

“Our community has been asking for larger seat sizes since our launch, and we’re thrilled to finally be able to meet the demand,” said co-founder Phantila Phataraprasit.

In order to decide on seat sizes for the Essentiel corner sectional, the company asked its customers what sizes they were looking for. Since its launch, Sabai has used Instagram and customer feedback to help design new products.

Sabai’s sofas are modular in construction and designed to allow customers to add sections at any time.

In addition to the Essential corner sectional, Sabai is releasing extensions for its Essential loveseat, sofa and sectional so that these pieces can be extended into the larger corner sectional.

The corner sectional and extensions will be available in recycled pile and recycled poly in all colors currently available. The Essential corner sectional will be offered in five-, six-, and seven-seat configurations.

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