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Panoply Design Studio opened in spring 2016 and has grown enormously since. A 2,500 square foot addition was added and the building’s official opening was delayed until recently due to the pandemic.

Zack Sullivan, executive director of the Geneseo Chamber of Commerce, was in charge of the recent ribbon cutting, and he said: “It is encouraging that the Geneseo Chamber has celebrated ten ribbon cutting ceremonies so far in 2021. Concerns have been expressed about business closures early in the pandemic. Even though many communities and businesses have faced difficult economic conditions as a result of the pandemic, Geneseo has made a comeback, economically speaking. We will continue to work in the Geneseo Chamber to ensure that Geneseo’s return continues. “

When Ashley Rothschild Moore opened Panoply at 106 South Oakwood Ave. in Geneseo, she thought the building “was the perfect size”.

She quickly passed that space and explained, “What we said turned out to be too small for the number of projects we are serving.”

Pat Durnal, also a designer, works with Moore at Panoply.

Panoply is an interior design firm specializing in commercial and residential design, including new construction and renovations.

As her business grew, Moore discovered that deliveries filled her small space “within moments,” she said. “Initially, we just invested in a storage unit, but we quickly realized that it was not conducive to daily trips. “

The decision was made shortly after opening his studio to build the 2,500 square foot extension, and Moore said, “With the new addition, we have warehouse space for deliveries and organization of customer orders. “

The addition includes a showroom environment at the front of the building, which Moore says “is an invitation to customers and the public to come and see what we do and how we do it, as well as to deliver. a small amount of shopping coins “.

The studio has space for some upholstery and case companies to show off the quality and design options.

“We have decor and accent pieces as well as decorative lamps,” Moore said.

The current studio space serves as a resource room to house all fabrics and trim lines and books, wallpaper options, upholstery and wood samples and more.

“In this space, we can ‘make a mess’ as we sort the fabrics and finishes for the projects,” she said. “The new space is set up with workstations that provide a space where we do our design presentations. Each station has a TV on which we display the project while the station we are sitting on is ample enough to lay out and work with all of the design samples.

Moore knew from an early age that she wanted to be “some kind of artist”.

His creativity is evident in the name of his studio. Panoply, pronounced pan-ah-plee, means “a complete or impressive collection of things; a splendid display.

“My husband and I love the band ‘Decemberists’ and the lead singer has a degree in English Literature and in one of our favorite songs, ‘June Hymn’ he uses the word ‘panoply’ so we use it in our own conversations., and Andy suggested it for the studio name.

“I have always enjoyed and needed the creative freedom that comes with freelance design,” she said. “I have a love and appreciation for all genres and eras of design.”

His previous experience includes working as an interior designer for Ethan Allen, Davenport, for 10 years before opening his boutique in Geneseo.

Moore said the decision to open the studio in her hometown allows her not only creative freedom, “but also the personal freedom to be present in the lives of our three children.”

For more information, call Panoply at 309-944-2552.


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