Record high property sales drive auction demand

A rare Prince of Wales Investiture Chair went up for auction last summer at MMP/NL’s auction center near Welshpool.

Whether it’s cleaning up homes that have been purchased or owners looking to downsize, a local real estate agent and auctioneer will host two online auctions in March and June when cash, furniture, antiques and collectables will be offered for sale.

Tony Evans, partner of Morris, Marshall and Poole, based in Mid Wales and Shropshire, with Norman Lloyd, said they expected great interest in both sales in March and June.

“There is tremendous demand from people looking to sell better quality antiques and furniture. It’s a mix of house clearings or people moving or downsizing and looking to maximize the value of items they no longer want or have no space for,” he said. declared.

“We’ve had four very successful sales of antiques and best quality furniture over the past 18 months and we’ve led this through our expertise as auctioneers and appraisers and marketed these items online and sold these online items with great benefit.”

At an online sale last year, an item with a guide price of between £3,000 and £5,000 sold for £18,800. Some items valued at only a few hundred pounds were much more expensive. A brooch fetched £360 and vintage cameras hit £1,220.

“There is a strong demand for antiques, furniture, silverware, jewelry, art and other items,” Mr Evans said.

“The collectibles market is buoyant and our team of experts can help people identify potential prices for items at auction.”

The online auction, which was based at the MMP/NL Auction Center in Buttington Cross, near Welshpool, Powys, attracted bidders from the UK, Sweden, Singapore, Belgium, the US and Australia.

Items may be viewed at the auction center prior to the start of the online auction. Sales registration will close on March 4 and May 27 respectively by emailing [email protected] Sales will take place on

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