Plan C Spring 2023 Ready-to-Wear Collection

Carolina Castiglioni is not only passionate about design; she’s a real connoisseur. Her sprawling new apartment in Milan overlooking the Castello Sforzesco is filled with a collection of museum-worthy furniture, assembled with a quirky, cultured eye. Its Plan C line has the same purity of lines, refined functionality and unconventional nuances as this apartment. To shoot images for the fall collection lookbook, she had a set built to recreate a minimalist 1950s interior inspired by Le Corbusier, a space defined by a series of moving panels painted in her favorite saturated colors. .

“Clothes have to be functional, I don’t like it when the details are just for aesthetic purposes,” she said during an appointment in her showroom, which is decorated with standout designer pieces from the 1980s. 60s and 70s. Castiglioni worked her rigorous approach on spacious silhouettes, focusing on inventive outerwear crafted in the substantial fabrications she loves, playing with block colors and bold abstract print accents.

What was interesting was the designer’s slightly deconstructed take on utilitarian or sporty outdoor pieces like anoraks, parkas and bulky presence trench coats, styled with stretchy cycling pants and turtlenecks as undershirts. clothes. On a more feminine note, there were loose maxi dresses with pleated panels in crisp cotton; a particularly alluring version came in a delicate macrame floral pattern printed on rubbery cotton. Castiglioni loves unconventional contrasts; a sequinned pencil skirt in a pale shade of tea was paired with a sturdy tobacco-coloured cotton canvas anorak, while a slender shift dress in macro sequins featured sporty knit detailing at the neckline. A bold striped pattern printed on a three-piece suit also broke the rhythm of the collection, introducing a touch of eccentricity.

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