Photos and video of Abraham Lincoln’s home in Springfield, Illinois


There is obviously no shortage of Abraham Lincoln’s story in Springfield, Illinois. If you’ve never had the chance to visit, there’s a new video and footage sharing of what Lincoln’s house looked like before he began his term as president.

This video walkthrough shows Abraham Lincoln’s home, which he lived with his family for 23 years from the early to mid-1800s. Most of the furniture is original from the Lincoln era.

Here are some highlights from this walking tour.

Photos of Lincoln’s home in Springfield, Illinois

Abraham Lincoln moved into this house in 1844 as the official Wikipedia page States:

The historic site house at 413 South Eighth Street on the corner of Jackson Street, purchased by Lincoln and his wife in 1844, was the only house Lincoln had ever owned. Three of their children were born there and one, Eddie, died there. The house contains twelve rooms spread over two floors. During the time he lived here, Lincoln was elected to the House of Representatives in 1846 and elected President in 1860.

As Wikipedia mentions, Robert, Lincoln’s son, donated the house to the state in 1887. It was one of the first stops my family made on our historic Lincoln tour as a kid in the years 1970.

I would also recommend Lincoln Historic Site in New Salem and also springfield tomb.

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