Old Soul Collective, vintage furniture and clothing in Waterville!


It’s always great to see new businesses coming to the Augusta-Waterville area. It’s even better when the business moves because it is so successful that it has outgrown its current location. This is exactly what happened to Jessica Stetson and her company “Old Soul Collective” in Skowhegan.

Now we are sad for Skowhegan, but super happy for us. (Sorry!) Jessica, a longtime wedding and newborn photographer here in central Maine, has made her dreams come true over the past year with the opening of her store. And in a climate where so many new businesses never make it past the six-month mark, we’re super excited that not only was it a success … but that it exploded!

In an interview with WABI TV 5, Stetson spoke about the move and the nostalgia that her store will be relocating to the Waterville location where she spent so much time growing up.

“We’re going from a 700 square foot store in Skowhegan to 3,300 square feet in Waterville. Sign of the Sun was a store I grew up in as a kid in Waterville. The fact that my company is here now, I feel very humbled and grateful for it ”.

With the larger location, Stetson says she is excited to now offer space for other vendors to sell their vintage items and crafts. To stay up to date with Jessica and her ‘Old Soul Collective’ store, follow them on Facebook. They hope the new location will be open by August 1.

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