New Horizons Player Presents Froggy Chair Themed Cafe

The One Animal Crossing: New Horizons player creates an entire frog cafe inspired by the series’ iconic Froggy chair, complete with frog treats.

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons offers players a wide variety of adorable furniture with which to customize homes, buildings, and even the great outdoors. Some gamers go above and beyond when it comes to designing entire rooms to go with their favorite items. For example, a Animal Crossing: New Horizons The player recently designed an entire frog-themed cafe inspired by the famous Froggy chair.

The Froggy chair is part of the Froggy set, a two-part furniture set that has been part of the series since the very first animal crossing game. It’s a franchise staple and many fans openly rejoiced when it was added to Animal Crossing: New Horizons as part of the 2.0 update. It was accompanied by the Lily-pad table unit, which is the other half of the Froggy set.


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Redditor puzzzledbeluga recently showed off photos of the colorful frog cafe they created around the iconic Froggy chair. There are four images, two focusing on the furniture, decor, and layout of the building, and two showing what the cafe looks like in operation. Created using the Good family paradise DLC, the Froggy Café is designed around two sets of multicolored Froggy chairs. Each set of chairs is positioned around a metal and wood table, with a rug in the shape of a sliced ​​open piece of fruit placed below.

The rear of the cafe features two sets of small booths, each positioned in a small recessed compartment. Water lily tables have been placed between the two rows of seats with what appears to be iced lemon tea ready to drink. The front of the cafe features a counter, a clear display case for snacks and a fruit row for easy access to cooking. Edible Kerokerokeroppi Snack items can be seen proudly displayed on the metal and wood tables and counter. Some aspects may remind players of Brewster’s Cafe, but puzzzledbeluga has clearly put its own frog twist on the cafe’s formula.

In the last set of images, the cafe is shown full of animal crossing the villagers are busy. Two villagers appear to be wearing aprons, as if employed by the cafe, while three other villagers are depicted at tables. It looks like these customers are getting ready to consume their orders. While not all seats are complete, the addition of happy villagers helps the café’s already colorful and sweet design come to life.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is now available for Nintendo Switch.

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