New furniture store aims to create comfortable living spaces

A new furniture store in Kalispell hopes to accommodate the rapidly growing Flathead Valley with functional living spaces.

Sarah Sitar launched Quietude Home in mid-February to provide the community with modern furniture including chairs, benches, bookcases, coffee and console tables, sofas, dining furniture, dressers, offices and more. Sitar benefits from simple, clean lines and warm, safe spaces, which inspired the name Quietude.

“Quietness is what you should feel when you walk into a space or a home. You want to feel that warm, cozy feeling,” she said. “I created this space for someone to come in and fall in love with something and make it yours forever.”

As more homes are built in the Flathead Valley, there is a growing need for new furniture. Peace of mind allows people to pay and walk away with an item immediately instead of waiting months for an item online. This is advantageous because customers can see and touch an item before buying it and even take furniture for a 24-hour trial. It also tries to keep prices below the average market price.

“My prices are lower than what you would find online,” she said. Sitar stocks a popular and modern brand called Ethnicraft which cannot be found anywhere else in the region.

Quietude is full of home decorations such as artwork, handmade blankets, antler decorations and candles. Sitar wants to provide items that will last a long time and can eventually be passed down or used in the next house.

Although Sitar likes other styles, she said “Quietude’s modern aesthetic will stay the same so people can come for that specific look.”

She encourages clients to combine modern aesthetics with other dimensions and helps clients understand how to do it. If a desired item is not in store, she will take the customer’s number and send photos of future items to help them find it.

Sitar has helped build and renovate homes and says she is good at creating flow in a space. As a child, she liked to help her parents rearrange the rooms and choose the decoration or the wallpaper. She would eventually like to design or make her own furniture. His other goals include hosting events in Quietude such as wine parties and allowing small businesses to do lifestyle shoots in space. She also hopes interior designers will bring clients into the space to help create their vision and hopefully sell some items.

Although Sitar’s primary focus is furniture supply, they also offer free private consultations. Clients can bring their floor plan, and Sitar will guide them in the right direction for the most functional and aesthetic furniture based on their space and needs.

“You should make your surroundings your sanctuary, so when you walk through the door, you’re ready to start your day,” she said.

Sitar believes in choosing furniture and decor that inspires creativity and hopes Quietude Home will provide this service.

Quietude is located at 824 W Center St, Kalispell and is open Thursday through Saturday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and by appointment. Quietude can be reached through Instagram @quietudehome or at 406-291-3070.




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