naughtone to offer a sofa designed with the end in mind

“It doesn’t matter if a chair lasts 20 years, 40 years, 100 years – if the designer wasn’t responsible and never thought about what happens to the product when it no longer meets a need, it might pass. eternity in a landfill, ”says Frampton. “Realizing the weight of this responsibility has completely changed my vision and my design process.”

According to the European Environment Bureau, 10 million tonnes of furniture is thrown away in the European Union each year, the majority being sent to landfill or incinerated. And while recycling rates have improved, remanufacturing accounts for less than 2% of manufacturing revenue in the European Union, according to the European Remanufacturing Council.

Frampton’s first step in redesigning its design process was to learn about recycling, sustainable design, and waste management processes. He challenged himself to perceive the materials he used as ‘being borrowed’, a perspective that he believes takes designers on a very different journey during the creative process.Too often furniture designs neglect to take into account the deconstruction process, creating a product that recycling plants cannot take apart, ”he says.

When he started the project with naughtone, Frampton started with the end in mind. The Ever Chair and Sofa collection is carefully designed for maximum comfort and quality while benefiting from an easily deconstructed structure during the recycling process. Instead of requiring specific machines that not all recycling facilities are equipped with, the sofa can be broken down and recycled by hand with common tools. Its unique structure is highly scalable, which means it is easy to build and, perhaps more importantly, easy to take apart for proper end-of-life recycling. And customers won’t have to worry about recycling it themselves – once a sofa reaches the end of its life, the sofa can simply be returned to naughtone through the company’s take-back program. naughtone will then take care of the rest, making sure that each of the sofa materials is placed in the right place.

The Ever sofa is the first upholstered product that naughtone intentionally designed for circularity and easily executable end-of-life recycling. “This is a pivotal moment for our brand”, declares Grace Todd, brand specialist at naughtone. “Sustainability is a key pillar of who we are at naughtone. We’re always looking for ways to improve what we’re already doing, whether it’s a new product, a new material, a technique, or something in between. We are constantly striving to raise expectations and ask ourselves what is next. “

The sofa collection will feature three different options, including an armchair, two-seat loveseat, and three-seat sofa in a variety of fabrics and finishes, all covered by naughtone’s 10-year warranty. The collection was designed to coordinate with existing naughtone furniture, such as the Always Portfolio, but the Ever Collection’s simple curves, focused angles and vibrant color palette make it a versatile choice for a variety of spaces. . The collection is available for purchase through naughtone resellers. Learn more about the collection on the naughtone website.

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