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Since working from home has become the norm more than ever, furniture stores are seeing more and more customers looking to improve the space where they spend most of their lives.

Customizing a home to better suit a remote working environment has been a high priority, but getting items as early as possible has also been important.

“It’s the way people shop. They are not planning any furniture in six months. We’re just trying to make sense of things, ”said John Norton, sales manager for iDeal St. Joe Furniture & Matttresses.

With stimulus funds distributed to many over the past year, Norton said iDeal benefits people with extra cash to spend.

“It was very similar to having two tax periods. They had disposable income, they had put it off forever, I have the money now, let’s do it, ”Norton said. “That’s when we changed, if we have it, let’s give it to them.”

At another local furniture store, Colony House Furniture and Bedding, the last year of a thriving industry allows the company to reinvest money in its building, where thousands of pieces of furniture are kept.

“For us personally, we have had a very good year. We have been extremely blessed, ”said owner Aaron Frazier. “From the employees we have to the service we provided, we really haven’t had any issues with the return of our longtime employees. “

Like many businesses, furniture retailers were subjected to supply chain issues, so stores had to be upfront about items that were out of stock or unavailable. Frazier said that while this has been a successful year for the industry, it’s not always a perfect world.

“We’ve had some uncomfortable conversations, but for the most part we’ve tried to compensate by giving discounts for free shipping, things like that, to try to improve the situation. Anything we can do to help our customers, the better our relationship, ”said Frazier.

Frazier said they’ve also made an effort to build relationships with manufacturers to create transparency and honesty about whether products will take a long time to ship.

While home interiors have been a priority for those who work more from home, some have made improvements to the exterior as well, said Norton, who is also the sales manager for St. Joe Outdoor Living.

“Now they want the hot tub. Now they want the things that are going to make their home a place to stay while they work, ”Norton said. “At the start of this year, no other pool company was able to get someone on the schedule as they were already full from the previous year. “

Norton said St. Joe Outdoor Living still has nine pools to install before the snowfall, and requests for pools continue to flow.

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