Minnesota furniture company denied transgender claimant


A Minnesota furniture retailer will pay $ 60,000 to a transgender job seeker who has been denied a job because he “would not marry customers well,” federal officials said.

Frizzell Furniture, which promises to rekindle ‘romance from the house’ on its website, accepted payment after investigation found it failed to hire a transgender job seeker due to discrimination based on gender identity, the Equal Employment Opportunities Commission said on Tuesday.

The Walker and Bemidji-based company will also implement an anti-discrimination policy and adopt more objective criteria for its staffing decisions after the federal agency determines that a hiring manager has rejected the candidate. transgender in violation of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

The law prohibits gender discrimination – including biases based on transgender status – as well as discriminatory hiring decisions based on perceived customer preference, the EEOC said.

“We appreciate that Frizzell Furniture has worked cooperatively with the EEOC to resolve this accusation without having to go through protracted litigation,” Julianne Bowman, EEOC Chicago District Manager, said in a statement.

But Dick Frizzell, who started the family business in 1992, told the Star Tribune he was not happy with the outcome of the investigation.

“Obviously no,” Frizzell told the newspaper. “We hire people who have the skills or the experience to do the job. We have several classes of people… Native Americans, openly homosexual. We do not intend to discriminate against people.

The applicant looked for a job on the Bemidji site at the beginning of last year. Frizzell hesitated at first before responding when asked on Wednesday if he would reconsider his hiring, the Star Tribune reported.

The Equal Employment Opportunities Commission found that the worker was not hired because of gender discrimination.
David Zalubowski / AP

“If a person like them applied for a job and had the qualifications, I would hire that person,” Frizzell told the newspaper.

The insurance will cover the $ 60,000 payment, but the case also resulted in unspecified additional costs for his business, Frizzell said.

The company is the largest furniture retailer in northern Minnesota, according to its website.

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