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Zynga added a brand new update in Merge the dragons! last week where you can now decorate your lair however you want. Okay, technically it’s not really a lair, it’s just wishful thinking when you have a game with dragons. The new feature is called Dragon Homes, and for the first time ever, you have the ability to access and manage the interior design and home decor of your dragons. Using the resources provided in the game, you can design it however you want, as they have introduced new elements, mechanics, and customization options. You can see what it all looks like below in the trailer, as we have some information on the announcement below.

Credit: Zynga

With this enchanting new update, players can now unlock, enter and decorate their dragon’s residence with a range of unique items and furnishings. Decorating is themed across three distinct categories, Kala, Retro, and Rustic, and each set includes five distinct item chains, each with different levels and Legendary, Mythic, Rare, Epic, Common, or Uncommon rarity. The more a player decorates their space, the more coins will unlock for all new items.

“Dust,” a new form of in-game currency, can be earned and collected inside Dragon Houses. Found only in this special section of the game, Dust can be acquired by finding individual “Dust Bunnies” as well as by selling an inventory of furniture. Dust can be used to purchase in-game crates filled with items and items to customize dragon houses.

“Four years ago, we introduced an innovative new puzzle mechanic to mobile gamers with Merge the dragons!,” noted Eren Yanik, Product Manager at Gram Games. “With Dragon Homes, we continue to evolve the fusion mechanic and provide a new way for players to design, calm and further gratify their dragons and personalize their gaming experience.”

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