Maria McManus Pre-Fall 2022 Collection

Maria McManus has named two very different muses for the pre-fall: climate activist Greta Thunberg, 18, and mid-century furniture designer Charlotte Perriand. The first for its intrepid activism, the second for its clean and functional style. In his collection notes, McManus noted Perriand’s philosophy that better design equals a better society, then channeled Thunberg’s boldness with a pressing question: “Do the behemoths of the fashion industry envision?” ever improving society? “

Perriand’s influence was manifested in the collection’s new modular spirit, with simple, no-frills garments designed to be worn and styled in multiple ways. A surprisingly sexy wool miniskirt was featured over tights as well as pants, bringing a welcome sense of play to the collection. (Ditto for cashmere hot pants and shrunken cardigans.) Also new: a recycled cashmere bodysuit and cupro camisole, new options to layer under her iconic suits and plush sweaters.

Thunberg’s unwavering determination inspires McManus to continue to delve into the details of energy supply and consumption: has been recycled from waste cotton. A few years ago those details might not have been mentioned, but the women gathered at McManus’ house in Tribeca were as in the backstory as they were this sexy little mini.

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