Madison designers and makers aim to build furniture that lasts

MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) – The Dinsart Design team reuses old wood to make new and improved products.

“The vanities that are in their home are falling apart because they were made at such a low price…The quality just isn’t there,” said Dinsart Design owner Shauna Dinsart. “What you see they will do [here]… If you put it next to what you can find on the market 100%, you would take what people are doing here easy.

Dinsart designs furniture based on antique furniture and local wood. After designing a residential or commercial piece, a team of makers help bring pieces to life at The Bodgery’s Makerspace.

They build shelving, tiling projects, canvas wall art,

Fabricator Jorge Gonzalez is one such builder working with Shauna to build a new vanity from an old vanity. They use new wood. The drawers are made of walnut, which Gonzalez says is difficult to reuse.

Her favorite part is breathing new life into something old and seeing the process from start to finish.

“I can’t explain this. It’s just something that’s inside of you,” Gonzalez said. “Satisfaction that you did this. You see a picture and you have the picture and now you have the actual piece.

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