Letter: Saddened to learn of the closure of ReStore | Opinion

For the editor:

I’m saddened to hear that the Peabody ReStore is closing. For the past five months, I’ve volunteered at the store and witnessed the hard work and dedication of the Habitat for Humanity team. I really enjoyed cleaning furniture, being a host at the front door, and providing customers with the best shopping and giving experience possible.

The ReStore is a community for so many people, and I never would have believed it if I hadn’t witnessed it for myself. On a daily basis, I’ve seen people buying second homes, artists looking to reorient themselves, students furnishing apartments, regulars looking for a deal and conversation, savvy millennials looking for Facebook posts and people just wanting to give back because of the ReStore mission.

Since the article appeared in the Salem newspaper on July 8, the majority of customers are saddened that the ReStore provides such wonderful service to most communities in the North Shore and beyond.

I think even with the increased cost of rent, there should be another usable and affordable retail space, as the ReStore is very profitable for the Habitat for Humanity organization. I see how much customers truly appreciate and love their experience when they find an item, whether small or large.

The Peabody ReStore community is a remarkable story because of how the shopping experience evokes happiness and gratitude in everyone who visits, two of the main reasons I love volunteering there!

Heidi Gudaitis,


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