Inside Nicole Crowder’s Wonderfully Textural Collaboration With The Global Market

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Known for its maximalist prints and rainbow hues, what inspired upholsterer and furniture designer Nicole Crowder’s new six-piece collection with World Market was the art of lounging. Take the Elaine loveseat sporting the Minneapolis-based designer’s favorite color (green) with a leaf-patterned back. “I wanted a piece that feels like it wraps you around, invites you to stay a while, and with curves,” she says. An open piano inspired its shape, which she described as “very curved”.

Each of what Crowder calls “statement pieces” are designed to be conversational and encourage rest. They range in price from $249.99 to $1,499.99 and include dining chairs, loveseat, chaise, chair, bench, and storage ottoman. “Especially as a black woman, I thought about my community,” she explains. “We deserve rest. There’s a lot going on in the world. My rest is a space where I can recharge my batteries. I wanted to (design) pieces that invited that.

Also conducive to living in small spaces – Nicole currently resides in an apartment – the capsule collection is named after inspiring women in her life, such as the “Marie” chair with its buttery yellow back. Her mother’s favorite color is yellow and she loves to read. And because her sister and her best friend like to lounge, the “Denise” daybed and the “Elaine” loveseat are named after them.

In June 2020, Nicole opened her inbox to a message from World Market, a brand she had long supported as a buyer, asking if she had ever considered producing her own collection. Just outside his Minneapolis apartment, the city was reeling from the tragic death of George Floyd. But nationally, renewed support has sprung up for black-owned businesses. Nicole is certain that this collection was born from that.

“We were intrigued by her unique sense of color and pattern and her use of these combinations to enhance traditional furniture silhouettes,” says Terri Daniels, vice president of merchandising, home and trends at World Market. . “Nicole’s designs are in keeping with our brand – eclectic and unexpected, making it easy to update any room with a fashionable element.”

“They weren’t asking me to ‘adapt’ to anything,” adds Nicole. “They said, ‘We want you to create the collection of your dreams.'” Nicole consulted sketches in her notebooks, some dating back several years, to come up with the designs.

“Growing up, my grandmother always had mixed media tapestries at home,” Nicole explained. “I love creating tapestries in a way that reflects me and the energy I want to spread to the world.”

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