Inflationary pressure is increasing, according to BRC

Responding to the latest CPI inflation figures which show headline inflation at +9.0% and food inflation at +6.7%, Helen Dickinson, chief executive of the British Retail Consortium (BRC), states that “Inflationary pressures continue to affect businesses as well as households, with soaring energy prices pushing up the consumer price index further.

“These higher energy prices, along with a tight labor market and the enormous costs of transporting goods, are impacting all retailers. Food production has been particularly hard hit, with historically high global food prices, rising feed costs and disruptions. supply following the war in Ukraine.

“The Bank of England now expects inflation to reach +10% by the end of the year as much of the cost increase is passed on to prices. Retailers are doing their part to protect consumers by expanding their value ranges and doing all they can to keep the price of basic necessities low.This can be seen in the BRC’s Store Price Index, which tracks the price of commodities, which showed a slower increase in the price of essential foods and other commodities than the inflation levels seen in the broader CPI measure.

According to the index, inflation on furniture, household equipment and cleaning products rose from +10.3% in March to +10.5% in April.

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