Ikea made an appearance at the Tokyo Game Show


Ikea sees gaming as an untapped market for its simple yet functional furniture, and earlier this year partnered with ASUS ‘Republic of Gamers brand to launch a series of products such as standing desks and gaming chairs. May – to underline its seriousness in the idea of ​​entering this market, Ikea made a surprise appearance at the Tokyo Game Show 2021, where it had a small booth contained in the ASUS area, Gizmodo reported. The stand served as a venue for the presentation of the full range of products, around thirty items in total.

Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, this year’s Tokyo Game Show was mostly held online; the show in person was only open to the press and other industry insiders. But it’s still interesting that a furniture company that was synonymous with affordable basics was there.

Game furniture – Ikea isn’t exactly known for making very high quality things. In fact, it is truly regarded as a disposable furniture supplier that you will eventually become tables and other more durable goods as you get older and settle in. But the gaming products he unveiled are actually quite good looking, and some will like them to be less garish than other gaming furniture, with accents like bright neon colors and RGB lights. The Ikea line is moderate in comparison.

Ikea has multiplied collaborations in general, as with the release of its table lamp with an integrated Sonos speaker. These types of partnerships help the furniture company create affordable products that always pack a punch because they can combine the expertise of other companies with their own ability to cut costs to make something that isn’t great. but good enough.

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