How to sell your house fast

The three rules for fast home sales have not been changed significantly. It is, indeed, mainly a place, a place, a place.

But not all homes are located in high-demand locations. Some additional steps may therefore be necessary to ensure that your home sells quickly, such as renovation, marketing and staging. Above all, you will want to retain the services of an experienced local realtor.

Here are some proven steps you can follow to make it much easier to see a “sold” sign in your front yard quickly.


The most important step is to price your home correctly from the start, and a good real estate agent can help you with this.

Price too low and you’ll be leaving money on the table. The price is too high, however, and your home will take longer to sell — or not sell at all — because savvy buyers won’t take it seriously.

To target prices, you need to know what is comparable in your market. A good agent will be able to pull recent sales data, usually from the past six months, for sales of homes similar to yours.

The closer your price is to homes that are actually selling, the more likely you are to get a quick sale.


Staging your home is sometimes seen as an elaborate process that involves redecorating and renting beautiful furniture to make your interior look its best, but it doesn’t always have to be so intense.

In its simplest terms, staging is presenting your home in the most attractive way possible. The goal is to get buyers imagining putting their own things in your home, so basic steps like clearing clutter and deleting your personal photos can help get their imaginations going.


For most buyers, the first impression of your home won’t be in person. This will be through photos of your home that they see online or in print ads. This is why it is essential to have good quality photographs of your home.

In some markets, especially for high-end homes, this may mean having a professional photographer take pictures of your home when it’s staged at its best.

For most homes, however, a good, caring realtor or assistant could do the job. The key is to find someone who knows enough about photography and real estate to show your property in its best light, inside and out.

The more clear and well-lit photos that show the beauty and features of your home, the more likely buyers are to take the next step and schedule a viewing.

The real estate agent

Choosing the right real estate agent is absolutely essential to selling your home quickly.

Not only should you feel good about them personally – knowing that you can communicate well with them, trust them, and feel good about listing them – but you should find an agent who will do their best to market and sell your home. rapidly.

Ask them about their background, how many homes similar to yours they’ve sold in recent years, and what sets them apart as a real estate agent. You should also look for sample listings from the agent and make sure they will quickly add your home to MLS with good photos and descriptions of your property.

make known

Although your real estate agent takes the initiative to sell your home, there are also steps you can take personally to help publicize your home.

Let your friends, family and neighbors know your home is on the market. You can share photos with your Facebook friends and do some personal networking to help publicize the highlights of your home that potential buyers might appreciate. You never know where the buyer is coming from, so spread the word everywhere.

Open day

It’s a good idea to schedule open houses to allow potential buyers and local real estate agents to visit your home.

You need to make sure your home looks its best, of course, but also take steps to make your home feel comfortable, cozy and welcoming when people arrive. Make sure the house smells good, perhaps by baking fresh cookies for visitors who come in.

fix it

Finally, you need to pay attention to detail to ensure your home is in top aesthetic condition.

This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to spend a lot of money. A little paint and elbow grease can go a long way to sprucing up most homes.

You’ll want to make sure that gardens, flower beds, and other landscaping are tidy, clean, and free of weeds. You should also make a list of simple things to do, like replacing burnt out light bulbs, making sure doors and hinges close properly and don’t squeak, and removing stains from your carpet.

Your real estate agent can help you determine what needs to be done. They should have the experience and insight to see your home through the eyes of potential buyers, informing you of all the steps you can take to improve your chances of a quick sale.

In the end, selling a house quickly requires a lot of work and some specialized knowledge. But it’s much easier when you find the right real estate agent and take the initiative to find your buyer as quickly as possible.

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