How to get rid of heavy waste in Evansville



EVANSVILLE, Ind – Evansville Water and Sewer Utility offers customers a faster and easier way to schedule a heavy waste pickup. You can now request a heavy waste collection service online anytime at This means you can submit your request at your convenience and eliminate long wait times over the phone.

How it works:
  • Go to on your computer or smartphone.
  • Click the Schedule Heavy Pickup button.
  • Fill out the heavy waste pickup request form and click submit.
  • A Republic Services customer service representative will contact you within one to two business days to confirm a pickup date.
  • The day before your scheduled pickup, place your item where you normally place your waste and recycling.
  • A collection truck will pick it up.

Customers always have the option of calling the Republic Services Customer Resource Center at 800-886-3345 to schedule a pickup for heavy waste on a specific date. Customers can schedule pickups as often as every two weeks – up to 26 pickups per year.

What is allowed and what is not

One item is accepted per pickup, with the exception of items which are typically a pair, such as a mattress and box-spring or table and chairs.

Allowed items include:
• Appliances – such as a stove, washer, dryer, water heater, and refrigerator or freezer with refrigerants removed and labeled by a certified professional – and meeting City safety guidelines for disposal
• Carpet – A rolled-up section less than 4 feet long and 2 feet around
• Electronics – Stereo, radio, etc.
• Furniture – Such as a sofa, table, chair, mattress, box spring, chest of drawers or bookshelf
• Household items and tools – such as a rake or shovel
• Limited construction and construction materials – In one container; no boxes, no bags,
batteries or loose batteries

Items not allowed include:
• Auto parts – such as batteries and tires
• Electronics – TV, computer, computer parts or accessories
• Building materials – such as concrete blocks, bricks, steel posts or privacy fencing
• Hazardous materials: all materials hazardous to humans or animals

Handling a very large item
Bulky items that cannot reasonably be lifted by two people or that will not fit in the collection truck, such as a swing, are considered a special collection and will not be accepted. Customers can ask Republic Services or another disposal service provider for a quote on the cost of removal.

Who is eligible for the heavy waste service
A household garbage service is offered to City residents who pay for the household garbage service with their water bill. Apartment complexes, mobile home communities, business and commercial customers, and county residents are not eligible.

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