How conventional technologies can become weapons

How conventional technologies can become weapons

In today’s modern world, society has created a fearsome array of deadly weapons. Governments and military institutions have created weapons of mass destruction such as cruise missiles and nuclear bombs. Plus, there’s a mind-boggling array of different weapons – automatic rifles, snipers, and machine guns, for example.

Besides conventional weapons, unfortunately, many conventional technologies can also be used as a weapon. There have been many cases in the news where injuries or deaths have occurred due to conventional objects being used as weapons.

The item’s original use has been perverted – instead of being used for its original intent, it has been used to deal damage. This is why things like a argumentative essay on gun control are so valuable – so we can learn about all the different types of weapons. In this article, we look at specific conventional objects that have been used as types of weapons – from cooking utensils to the internet.

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Almost anything can be used as a weapon

Trying to define this subject is difficult. Virtually any object could be used as a weapon. Even a child’s toy! Heavy objects, for example, could be used for brute force attacks. Additionally, any sharp object could potentially be used in the same way as a knife or a spear. So we need to look beyond conventional weapons and consider everyday objects as well.

Examples of everyday objects and technologies used as weapons

In the text below, we look at conventional technologies and how they can become weapons. You most likely own or have used several of these items. Would you expect them to be used as weapons? Probably not!

Cooking tools

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Kitchen utensils can be deadly! Just think of how many dangerous objects are in an average kitchen drawer or on kitchen cabinets. Almost anything in the kitchen can be used as a weapon. The obvious choice is kitchen knives – these items are primarily used for cooking and for cutting food. Kitchen knives can also be used as sharp objects. There has also been a sharp increase in some countries in knife crime rates.

gym equipment

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As we mentioned, any heavy or blunt object could easily be used as a weapon. What types of objects are found in a gym? Dumbbells, barbells and other weighted objects, for example. A 5kg dumbbell could easily be used as a weapon – imagine someone swinging a dumbbell like a club – that could cause serious damage or even kill if aimed at a person’s head.

The Internet

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When you look at conventional weapons, the Internet is probably not the first thing that comes to mind. However, the Internet can be used as a weapon. We don’t mean cause physical harm – we mean cyber attacks and causing digital damage. Hackers and cybercriminals can use the Internet to infiltrate business networks and steal vital information such as bank accounts. Moreover, they can bring down entire systems and cause great damage.

Medicine / medical equipment

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Medicines and medical equipment are used to treat. Doctors, surgeons and nurses are all working miracles and using these tools to help treat their patients. However, when placed in the wrong hands, medical equipment and drugs can be used as a weapon. Syringes, surgical equipment and other medical tools – all of this can be used as a deadly weapon. Also, drugs can be used to cause an overdose when given in incorrect doses.


When you sit at your desk, what can you see? Maybe a pen, paper, stapler, hole punch or ruler, for example? They are common items that we use for work and study. These are not objects that a person would immediately associate as dangerous! Each of these objects (except paper) could be used as a type of weapon. A pen, for example, could be used to stab someone. Additionally, a puncher could be used as a club. The office can be a deadly place, especially with potentially dangerous items!


As you can see from the list above, dangerous items come in many forms. During the lecture on the 2nd amendment in the US constitution, you wouldn’t consider glass a type of weapon? Glass can indeed be extremely dangerous. A glass bottle itself can cause massive damage if thrown like a projectile or club. Also, a broken glass bottle or shard of glass has sharp edges and can cause horrible cuts.


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Finally, we have furniture. Heavy furniture like a couch or a bed couldn’t really be wielded as a weapon. But smaller objects such as chairs, tables and ornaments can be. You may have watched a typical WWE wrestling match; how often do they take chairs as weapons? Any type of furniture small enough to pick up could be thrown as a projectile.

I hope you now have a better appreciation of an article versus an essay on gun control and the importance of understanding different types of guns. Virtually any conventional item can be used as a weapon – that’s why extra care should be taken when using everyday items. It is important to understand how to use objects correctly and who to let them use to avoid potentially dangerous situations.

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