Household: Marie Kondo method – The jobs of a Netflix star to clean her house


Marie Kondo has been a storage consultant since the age of 19. She’s an expert on decluttering and has a hit Netflix series.

The Japanese expert, who was born in Tokyo, spoke to about how to approach the fall months.

Marie, 37, aims to clean up what you no longer need, free up space and “bring joy” – her famous slogan.

His method consists of grouping objects into categories and giving or throwing objects that do not “arouse joy”.

Each item is designated in a certain area of ​​the house and the clothes are folded in a certain way.

The first step in preparing for fall is to thin out after spring.

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For those with children, the same goes for their possessions, which may very well have accumulated over the season.

Marie said: “If you have kids, take a look at their closet and see if they’ve grown up with clothes that can’t be worn next year.

“Likewise, do you hold on to outdoor toys that your kids have outgrown?”

“If they no longer bring joy to your family, think about the joy these toys could bring to a new generation of children by selling or giving away.”

Consider donating these items to charity stores so that other children can benefit.

There is another simple job, which will soon eliminate the items that will quickly become cumbersome.

“Finally,” said Marie, “look at the expiration dates for items that will expire before next summer, like sunscreens and insect repellants.

“Throw away the things that won’t work in a year.”

Marie’s book Life Changing Magic of Storage – a bestseller in Japan and Europe – has been published in more than 30 countries.

The Netflix series, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, was released in 2019 and propelled the storage expert to the forefront.

Another expert in cleaning, Lynsey Crombie, gave readers her checklist for cleaning the garden before winter.

She explained how to clean a barbecue and your garden furniture.

Lynsey Crombie said: “Cleaning the barbecue and patio furniture is on my to-do list this time of year as it still isn’t freezing cold but I stopped using the barbecue and I know many Brits will think the same.

“Barbecues can really build up burnt meat and grime, so this is a great time to clean the barbecue before putting it away.”

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