Heritage British Bedmaker launches in North America with a new collection


The luxury Traflagar mattress.

Luxury handcrafted bed maker Harrison Spinks launches into North America as it unveils its first listing in H. Alora Luxury Beds and announces an all-new collection.

The new line is called The Harrison Spinks Collection and includes eight new models of high-quality mattresses, featuring recyclable, durable and glue-free springs, as well as natural and durable fillings, including British wool and hemp.

Each mattress features the brand’s unique Posture Zone technology, which provides more targeted and responsive support to the hip region, as well as in-house designed and manufactured micro-springs, which hug the body with precision and precision for a superior spine support and optimal sleep quality.

The natural padding included will provide a dreamy sleeping environment, where the sleeper will experience sumptuous softness, breathability and fantastic temperature control qualities.

The spring system contains no glue so that it can be fully recycled at the end of its life, and the innovative ultra-thin pocket springs have more individual contact points, so they can adapt and hug the contours, responding to the body with exceptional comfort.

The eight new North American mattresses are covered with a fabric that is completely free of harmful chemicals, while being flame retardant, for a healthier sleeping surface that puts safety first. In addition to the natural fillings, five of the collection’s mattresses contain hand-teased horsehair, two of which are made from alpaca fleece, a thinner, softer and more luxurious alternative to wool.

Nick Booth, Nick Booth, Managing Director of Harrison Spinks, commented: “We are delighted that North America can finally access our unique luxury and sustainable products, and are extremely proud of our brand new collection, specially created for be sold abroad. The range offers extreme comfort in classic British designs that are unique to us and features iconic British names from our capital, such as Euston, Piccadilly and Mayfair.

About Harrison Spinks

Harrison Spinks is one of Britain’s most established and innovative bed manufacturers. Founded in 1840, it manufactures luxury mattresses under the Harrison Spinks, Somnus and Spink & Edgar brands. Harrison Spinks is one of the most vertically integrated bed makers in the world, from drawing his own yarn for his unique spring technology to growing natural infills on his own farm in Yorkshire. The unique spring technology and growing natural fillings have been recognized with three Queen’s Awards for the company in innovation, sustainability and international trade.

The fifth generation British family bed maker offers handmade mattresses that are 100% recyclable and 100% free of foam and FR chemicals, which are both better for sleep and better for the planet. All of their produce begins life on their 300 acre farm in North Yorkshire, where sheep are raised in rich, untreated pastures and hemp and flax crops are grown in fertile fields without the need for pesticides.

More information on the North America collection is available at https://www.harrisonspinks.com

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