Here’s how to build your own cat trees, cat walkways and cat furniture

To make sure the perch is secure, you will need to drill it into studs. “You don’t want to use drywall hangers because even if the walk holds a cat, if it jumps, the forces multiply,” says Cohen. “So drill those posts, and the sky’s the limit.”

However you organize the walks and shelves, Van de Kieft says, “You just want to make sure there is no dead end. This is especially important in a house with several cats so that no pets feel stuck or trapped. She also encourages you to make sure the gear is large enough to accommodate your cat in the sleeping position. “Cats like it cozy, so not too big either,” she says.

The Grove Cat Tower from Tuft + Paw features a premium plywood slat design with ash veneer.

Photo: Tuffe + Patte


Although cats tend to like being taller, you may still want to have a bed for them in your home. “The beds are great projects,” says Garred. “Cats love all kinds of tactile and comfortable materials. “

This is a great opportunity for homeowners to get really creative with the design. Any material for the bed is a fair enough game, although it might help to choose something that is machine washable.

“You could take it in so many directions,” said Garred. Whether it’s a wooden base with a plush mattress topper or an ottoman-style beanbag, there are endless ways to build the perfect sleeping spot for your pet. Garred notes, however, that cats tend to like more concave shapes. Cats appreciate “something that they can lean against, that they feel contained inside,” says Garred.

Another awesome creation from Cat Haus.

Photo: Cat House

Fusion of human and cat design

When catifying your home, the ultimate goal should be to create a space that you and your pet enjoy. “The key is to think about how you can fit your cat’s life into your own life,” says Garred. If you have an established color scheme, design something that matches that scheme. The same goes for the style of your furniture and decoration. Design your cat’s furniture to be Mid-Century, Art Deco, Scandinavian, Bohemian, or whatever style you like.

Lombardi stresses that it can be helpful to think of it as your cat’s bedroom. “It’s their place in your home,” she says. “Make [their decor] a statement instead of something you want to hide or push around the corner.

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