Goodwill expects donations to increase this week

NASHVILLE, Tenn (WTVF) – Goodwill Industries of Middle Tennessee has moved employees to its busiest locations to meet the annual increase in year-end donations.

From December 26 to 31, the number of donations at Goodwill Donation Express centers in central and western Tennessee increased by almost 50% compared to other days of the year. The push is caused by people cleaning their closets, attics and garages to make room for holiday gifts.

To cope with the rush, Goodwill is moving staff to its busiest locations, but donors can still encounter queues during peak hours.

“We thank our generous donors for their understanding and patience at this time of year. We are counting on this increase to help us get through the months when people tend to donate less frequently, ”said Leisa Wamsley, vice president of property donations at Goodwill.

Since the start of the pandemic, Goodwill has offered a contactless donation process. Donors arriving at Goodwill Express Donation Centers are asked to place their donation bags and boxes in waiting wheeled bins.

Attendants are available to help you with furniture or other heavy or bulky items. Employees wear masks and practice social distancing, and donors are encouraged to do the same.

Other things to keep in mind when donating to Goodwill include:

● When decluttering your home, consider the one-year rule: If you haven’t worn, used, or played it in a year, it’s probably time to donate it.
● Please remove the hangers from the clothes. Goodwill is unable to accept hangers as donations.
● Goodwill cannot accept some items, such as household chemicals and old tube TVs. A list of certain other items that can and cannot be accepted can be found on the Goodwill website.
● The Goodwill donation receipt form includes a 10% discount voucher for Goodwill stores.
● You can track your donations for tax and other purposes on

There are 45 Donation Express centers located in central and western Tennessee, and most are open seven days a week.

The opening hours of Goodwill Donation Express centers vary by location. Please only leave your donations when an attendant is on duty. Locations, times and more are available online at

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