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[Inam Commity] Event Store

Event period: February 4, 2022, 10:00(UTC-7) – February 18, 2022, 03:59(UTC-7)

Description of the event: During the event period, players can redeem event rewards with event currency from event stages and missions

Exchange Items: [Tomimi]’s Trust Token, Event Furniture [Tribal Inn] (Partial), Hunting License, Piece of Furniture, Elite Materials, etc.

Description of the rerun:

  • Some conditions of engraved medals in this event will receive some adjustments. Some players who joined the event before and fulfill the adjusted condition will immediately get the corresponding engraved medals.
  • Engraved Medals from this event CANNOT be obtained by [Sidestory] or any other method after the end of the retrospection.
  • This replay will inherit the stage progress and first drop from the previous event
  • Some event rewards that cannot be obtained twice will instead be converted to [Intelligence Certs]. The corresponding ratio will be indicated in the [Intelligence Certs Converting Rules] during the event.
  • The convert [Intelligence Certs] can be used in [Intelligence Certs Area] in Certs Shop, and more new items will be added in the shop.
  • [Eunectes], [Tomimi], [Flint], [Aciddrop] can gain extra confidence in the event stages.
  • This event will be collected in [Sidestory] definitely after its end.

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