Gamers rise up: IKEA Malaysia teases new play furniture in partnership with ROG


Some might say that you are not really a certified “gamer” until you have a gaming chair, but what about a room with all the gaming furniture, table and table? the chair to your… pillow? That’s right, IKEA has teamed up with Asus’ Republic of Gamers to create a new line of gaming-focused furniture, and IKEA Malaysia will be bringing it to our shores very soon.

While they haven’t revealed exactly what’s in store, they’ve shown us some of what we can expect from the IKEA line of games. For starters, this will obviously be a gaming chair, as well as what appears to be a table with a height-adjustable gaming desk. They also hint at a bunch of accessories for gamers, with things like a neck pillow, mouse bungee, headphone stand, ring light and more.

“Products that offer better ergonomics help players excel at what they do without straining their bodies – become better athletes, basically,” – Jon Karlsson, IKEA designer

But while all IKEA Malaysia has given us is a teaser for now, you can already see most if not all of the upcoming IKEA x ROG line. A number of YouTubers have got their hands on the Swedish brand’s gaming gear before, and it comes with everything from the gaming chair and the ROG-themed pillow to the pegboard on the ROG theme and RGB lighting.

But getting back to IKEA Malaysia, if you want to fill your crib with some IKEA x ROG play stuff, you’ll be happy to know that it’s coming soon in November, although no prizes have been given so far. . In the meantime, you can consult the IKEA Gaming Announcement Item on the IKEA Malaysia website for more information.

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