Furniture start-up WoodenStreet has announced 3 new stores in Bangalore and is investing $1 million! | Odisha News | Latest news from Odisha

New Delhi: Covering over 15,000 square feet of carpet area, recently launched 3 unique experience stores in prime locations such as Indira Nagar, Sadashiv Nagar and Whitefield in Bangalore. With an investment of $1M, they added these 3 stores to its 50 pre-existing stores, strengthening its already strong presence across the country. The brand also plans to open 5-6 additional stores in the next 12-18 months.

WoodenStreet’s expansion campaign has been one of the most consistent things for them other than the quality of products they have offered over the past 7 years. The new year has been incredible for the brand, which has tapped into the market for a range of luxurious and flamboyant products. Recently, they had announced their plans for the year 2022 and offline expansion, and on the right track, the brand introduced 3 stores in Bangalore, which cover 15,000 square feet. of carpet surface with an investment of $1M, for a total of 6 fully functional stores across the city.

“Bangalore has always been one of the biggest admirers of the products we have introduced in the market. They have welcomed our online product line with open arms, and statistics from our existing offline stores in the city show that people not only love our products, but they also love the shopping experience our stores have at to offer. To improve the way people experience furniture and decor, we are really happy to offer 3 more stores in the city at Indira Nagar, Sadashiv Nagar and Whitefield. All of these stores are well-equipped and spacious enough to create a home environment so that people can understand the use cases of the product and understand how the product will suit their mood. »

Said Lokendra Ranawat, Co-Founder, CEO, He also shared how these 3 stores are their forward vision of creating the experience for their customers, which is why WoodenStreet opted for spacious and comforting stores. These stores are some of the largest furniture experience stores, and so they opted for larger rug areas for these. All stores cover central locations across the city. Not to mention that the opening of these stores has also benefited the citizens, as the expansion has generated more than 50 job opportunities.

To date, based on citizen response, these 3 stores have forever changed the way people buy their home decor and modular furniture. Offline expansion has been aggressively effective in the market so far, and it will be really interesting to see what these 3 stores do for the brand’s reach in the future.

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