Furniture cluster will increase job opportunities in Jabalpur: Himanshu Khare

The government of Madhya Pradesh has taken an initiative to promote employment and industries by creating small clusters. As part of this initiative, the clusters rely on the raw material available locally, whether it is forestry production or dairy or agro-sourced production. Most MSME sectors are associated with clusters which are micro with a capacity of around one crore.

Himanshu Khare, Senior Vice President of the Chamber of Commerce, said that from Jabalpur up to 500 timber goes to other states especially Rajasthan where timber production is very less. And we buy the same wood at a higher price after the added value. As part of this initiative, there are plans to develop a furniture cluster in Jabalpur so that people can find employment. More than 200 registered small industries are ready to join this cluster. These include timber merchants and furniture makers.

The preparation of the formation of the cluster is in progress, the consultant will come to select the place, after which the process will continue. Himanshu Khare also mentioned that if more than 90% are small or micro, an attractive proposition can be made. If the timber trader goes out of town as a collector, fire accidents can also be reduced. Gursimran Saluja, who returned from America and runs the timber trade, said that we have been doing this ancestral work for almost 50 years. I am new but am actively engaged in this work. We work related to furniture and also supply the raw material. He said that in the past 2 years there have been many problems due to the coronavirus; all units have been closed but the workers must be paid. The technology has not yet been updated. If cluster development is done through MSMEs then we will get the knowledge of technology and Jabalpur will be seen in a new way and people will also get employment.

While Amardeep Singh Saluja said this program will be better for them as there is space problem inside this city and if all facilities are available in one place then it will be the best. It will lead to the development of furniture, and we can also do iron or steel furniture business, and possibly compete with Chinese products. He also said, “We are ready. Now it’s up to the government to decide. If they free up space, we’ll move the facility there.” Another furniture businessman Pramod said that over the past 2 years due to the pandemic there has been a lot of impact on our business and employers have had to pay out of pocket. He added that it was a good idea. The government said it will take 5 years from now and then there will be a recovery.

He urged the government to provide facilities in major cities. Thus, Jabalpur would become advanced and job opportunities would also increase. (ANI)

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