Fan remakes Animal Crossing’s best furniture and items in real life

A talented Animal Crossing: New Horizons fan has remade some of the game’s best furniture and items into real life, with their creations going viral.

A fan artist has created several pieces of furniture and objects based on some of animal crossingthe best parts of the game. Nintendo’s social simulator, animal crossing, offers a wide range of social interactions with hundreds of colorful characters and features a wealth of furniture and decor for players to customize their home. Players can even get paintings based on real art in animal crossingwhich a player recently made it his personal mission to visit the museums of his real life counterparts.

A thing animal crossing no shortage of customization options. Since the start of the series in 2001, the selection of sets in animal crossing allowed players to shape their homes, towns, and islands in many creative ways, with this selection growing with each entry. The games also provide a variety of themed objects to suit almost any idea players can imagine, providing that special touch needed in more creative builds. With the release of Animal Crossing: New Horizons offering the largest selection of furniture and items in one main line THAT game so far, players have even been able to contribute something like jurassic park their animal crossing island.


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Artist Alyssa D. Silos, known as Alythuh on Twitter, showcased awesome real-world furniture and objects inspired by those of animal crossing. Fans will immediately recognize the custom gaming chair’s upholstery inspired by the iconic fan-favorite Froggy chair. Silos has also created a variation of the Lily Pad table, another mainstay of animal crossingas well as a raindrop mirror that could fit perfectly with the ocean-themed items of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The last photo presents the designer’s vision of the Moss rug and the Mush lamp on the desk. Silos plans to sell these handicrafts through their store, Tiny Protectors, when it opens on July 8, 2022, with this furniture coming next.

Silo’ Animal Crossing-the inspired work has already been acclaimed by their followers, especially the Froggy-inspired gaming chair, which is a step up from the fan mockery The Sims 4 received for his article Froggy Chair. While the Froggy gaming chair stands out, it’s encouraging to see almost all of the custom furniture praised in fan responses, which certainly bodes well for the store’s future launch. Although pricing is currently unknown, it looks like Silos custom items will be in high demand.

It’s intriguing how animal crossingThe simple yet eccentric artistic style of the decoration can inspire a person to create a line of furniture from it. Creative fans will always find an outlet to pay homage to what they love, and in many cases size and scope aren’t an issue. That said, it might not be long before an even more industrious fan builds a full animal crossing-themed house to give the work of Silos a real home.

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Sources: Alythuh/TwitterTiny Protectors

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