Expanded alfresco dining will no longer be an option in Greenwood Village, Aurora


GREENWOOD VILLAGE, Colo. (KDVR) – Restaurant owners face another challenge as some areas shed the expanded outdoor dining option. The Colorado Restaurant Association has confirmed that Aurora and Greenwood Village have decided that pandemic outdoor dining programs will expire at the end of October.

The Landmark in Greenwood Village will end its pandemic arrangements for alfresco dining on Monday, October 4. The owner and other businesses want the roads to reopen.

George Eder is the owner of Pizza Republica. He told FOX31’s Deborah Takahara that he was grateful to the city and the owner for allowing restaurants to extend outdoor seating for as long as they did, but he hoped to continue eating in. outdoors for a few more weeks.

“We still have not put all the tables inside the restaurant, we will now face a whole new challenge with the delta variant. Losing 96 seats outside and giving people the same level of comfort. There are older couples and they will come and sit at the table furthest from everyone. We’re going to drop 25% easily. We just won’t have the capacity to do it. It’s almost equal to what I have inside. My dining room has 110 seats and this one has 96, so that will be a challenge, ”said Eder.

Four other restaurants in the region will also have to remove their patio furniture. They said it’s a big challenge for small businesses that are just trying to make ends meet.

“One more obstacle to overcome. If anything, we’ve had to learn over the last year and a half, two years, you’ve got to be able to adapt and find new solutions to the same problem over and over again, ”Eder said.

The owner said he tries to respect all businesses in the resort.

“We need to open up private streets so that customers can access other businesses and are not adversely affected. We are delighted to see some level of normalcy return with vaccinations and mask wear. We all love our tenants. We need to work together to make sure that all of our businesses can survive and that everyone is healthy and prosperous, ”said Corey McCartney of The Landmark in Greenwood Village.

Restaurant owners ask diners to be patient with them and to consider visiting them on less busy nights.

“On weekends, be patient and wait a bit because we are losing 100 seats. I’ll be almost 100% on bookings to keep the flow going. It’s a challenge if you’ve been in the business before. Losing 100 seats is a big deal, so please be patient with us, ”said Eder.

McCartney added, “We hope our restaurant tenants appreciated all the support we were able to provide throughout the COVID pandemic. ”

He said if the need arose in the future, he would be happy to reconsider the outdoor dining option.

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