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HYDERABAD: The warm Sunday evening air smelt of exquisite fragrances. George Hull’s soulful jazz on saxophone, backed by Keith Rosario on vocals, set the tone for the launch of luxury Italian furniture store Empire Homes in Banjara Hills.

As the who’s who of Hyderabad entered for an evening full of great food, conversation and appreciation of the good life, hosts Kabiir Mangghnani and his mother Nisha welcomed them to their exclusive dinner party.

Curiosity grew as guests explored the store, which brings top-notch contemporary and classic furniture to Hyderabad. The four-story building looked nothing like a furniture store. It made everyone feel at home. From luxurious lounges to chairs and objects, the store covers all furniture needs.

While the guests were chatting over a liquor of choice, CE caught up with Kabir and Nisha about their latest adventure. “Luxury is no longer honest. The word is loosely used in the furniture industry. Through Empire Homes, we aim to bring honestly luxurious furniture to Hyderabad. For us, luxury is not a question of money. It’s not just about good design. It’s about personal connection, style and comfort,” says Nisha, who started SCASA a decade ago, a furniture store that makes ergonomic kitchens and cabinets.

It is no news that despite the presence of several furniture stores in Hyderabad, the rich and famous are traveling abroad – Italy, China and Thailand – to source their high-end furniture. Realizing this growing demand for luxury furniture, Nisha has collaborated with the most prestigious Italian luxury furniture brands such as B&B Italia, Rimadesio, TURRI, Reflex Angelo, Lualdi, etc., and brought them all under one roof. “We pay close attention to detail and draw inspiration from clean, sophisticated, contemporary yet minimalist designs,” says Kabir, her 20-year-old son who co-owns the Empire Home store with his mother.

“I wanted to study sofa making in Milan after my class XII, but I couldn’t because of the pandemic. However, I continued to research and learned in detail about the materials we import from Europe to make classy furniture,” says Kabiir, who came up with the idea of ​​bringing luxury furniture to Hyderabad in 2020.

He manages the store and chooses the products, while his mother designs and organizes artistic pieces. Kabir pursues this passion while completing his undergraduate studies at Amity University. The mother-son duo say they understand the Hyderabad market and meet the growing demand for luxury.

The store believes in Italian-inspired “Make In India” products and goes the extra mile to source art salons from Italian brands. The event, organized by Sofiya Events, had entrepreneur Prasad V Potluri, actor Aadarsh ​​Balakrishna, FICCI FLO national governing body member Jyotsna Angara and former IPS officer Aruna Bahuguna, among others. It was the perfect end to a long weekend for all of them.

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