Cuban businessmen interested in investing in the Dominican Republic

They will offer their production area portfolios during dialogue tables in Punta Cana and Puerto Plata.

SANTO DOMINGO.- Cuban businessmen are interested in expanding business and trade relations in the Dominican Republic.

In this event, Cuban SME will offer their production and technology portfolios in Punta Cana and Puerto Plata.

Leaders of dozens of Cuban companies will present their product portfolios in the Dominican Republic to establish business relationships with small and medium-sized entrepreneurs.

Cuban and Dominican businessmen will discuss, at work tables, strategies to achieve a broad, stable and fruitful commercial exchange for the benefit of consumers of the two Caribbean countries.

The trading tables will be set up at Ocean Blue & Sand Beach Resort Hotel in Punta Cana from Sunday 19 to Wednesday 22. The event will also take place in Puerta Plata on June 23 and 24, 2022.

Cuban companies will present their production tools based on construction materials, technology, medicines, food products, preservation of dairy products, meat, fruits and vegetables and land passenger transport services to install industrial facilities.

Also, marketing of furniture, textile articles, metal products, clothing, hairdressing products, arts, and other aerial products.

The media and small entrepreneurs who will participate in the exchange of ideas and proposals are interested in buying all kinds of products to be marketed in stores and markets (retail), such as food, clothing, shoes , appliances and hardware stores.

The Cubans also want to establish commercial relations in food containers and packaging for preserves and juices, as well as in aluminum carpentry, paints, mortar, ceramics, cement and electricity.

Entrepreneurs from Cuba are interested in a partnership with Dominicans for the production of goat cheese, for the supply of raw materials for the plastics industry, steel plates or livestock for the production of tiles, lighting, office furniture, wood, machinery for the production of furniture, software and means of transport.

The SMEs from Cuba will experience new perspectives with the mentality of the “independent” figure; they are entrepreneurial companies with free private capital.

This figure, driven by the Cuban economy and the breeze of openness to foreign capital, has established a policy of transaction and development obligatory for a new world of Cuban businessmen and traders who come in search of partners. commercial with a bilateral sense Cuba and the Dominican Republic, to re-edit the exchange of exchange based on the technological science of the modern market in the Caribbean and its insular importance for the geopolitics that it represents the overall impact of the economy.

“SMEs move the world and the Caribbean, it’s part of this universe with tens of millions of inhabitants.”

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