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MAYVILLE – Chautauqua County has spent a good chunk of the $ 12.3 million it received from the federal government under the American Rescue Plan Act.

At the December legislative meeting, county officials announced that they had finalized spending this year of $ 10,178,194.

In recent months, the legislator has given final approval to various projects. The spending plans for December were as follows:

¯ County Internet Bandwidth Upgrade Project – $ 40,338. This money will be used to improve the bandwidth of the county’s Internet system.

¯ Emergency Bulletin Board Project – $ 30,000. This money will be used by the county emergency services department to purchase two message boards. Notice boards are placed on a trailer and towed to a location and displayed to direct traffic or notify drivers of an emergency.

¯ Emergency Medical Service Equipment Project – $ 121,000. This money will be used to purchase defibrillators and CPR devices for flying cars and county ambulances.

¯ Emergency Services Office Modernization Project – $ 41,500. This money will be used to modernize the technology of the Office of Emergency Services.

¯ Emergency Services Dive Boat Project – $ 135,000. This money will be used to replace a dive boat that has been damaged and is no longer in service. It will be used on Lake Erie and Lake Chautauqua.

¯ Emergency services paving project – $ 250,000. This money will be used to pave an exit behind the garage of the Office of Emergency Services in Mayville. Once paved, the county can use it to host drive-in immunization clinics.

¯ Office of Emergency Services Communication Project – $ 175,000. This money will be used to upgrade the county’s radio communications system.

¯ District Attorney’s Office Expansion Project – $ 70,000. This money will be used to expand the district attorney’s office in the closed printing plant. The money includes the renovation and new furniture. Officials said this would distribute staff and provide a private conference and interview room when interviewing the victims.

¯ Environmental Permit Fee Exemption Program – $ 120,000. This program will remove the required public health fees for the next two years for certain businesses, such as restaurants, swimming pools and temporary food service vendors. The waiver program was previously supported by the County Board of Health. The aim is to help businesses that have been affected by the pandemic.

¯ Strong Starts Chautauqua Projects – $ 25,300 for 2021 and $ 226,700 for 2022. The money will be used to implement universal screening for all children from birth to 5 years old.


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The aim is to identify children who have been exposed to substances and alcohol before birth. Screening will help diagnose children and give them the appropriate treatment. During the full legislative meeting, Lawmaker Chuck Nazzaro, D-Jamestown, noted that Chautauqua County had been approved for $ 24.6 million in funds. Half of that money has been received and the remaining $ 12.3 million is expected in 2022.

Earlier this year, the county presented a two-year spending plan with the agreement that each item would need to be considered further before it could be spent. The county made some minor adjustments to its original spending plan. The biggest change has been the refusal to move forward on a study required to bring commercial airlines back to Jamestown Airport.

On March 11, 2021, President Biden enacted the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021. The $ 1.9 trillion package, based on President Biden’s US rescue plan, is intended to combat the COVID-pandemic. 19, including the impacts on public health and the economy. Of that $ 1.9 trillion, Chautauqua County received $ 24.6 million. The federal government does not allow the funds to be used to increase employee salaries, pay down debt or reduce taxes. Chautauqua County officials determined earlier this year that he would use his money for public health, infrastructure, economic / workforce development, clean water, public safety and a few miscellaneous projects. .

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