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SAN JOSE – The co-founder of Uber Technologies is pursuing a renovation and reconstruction project to transform a historic building in downtown San Jose into a bustling dining hall.

Construction is underway inside a historic building at 82-96 E. Santa Clara St. in San Jose, at a site where the Uber co-founder is aiming to launch a CloudKitchens site.

Workers could be seen this week operating equipment and moving materials on the first floor of the building in East Santa Clara Street and South Third Street, according to the news organization’s direct observations.

Interior construction work was being carried out at a structure in downtown San Jose, officially known as the Odd Fellows Building.

Construction activity inside a CloudKitchens food hall that is scheduled for 82-96 E. Santa Clara St. in downtown San Jose.

The historic building was built around 1885. Parts of the building represent the Italian architectural style and feature cast iron facades.

The building’s previous use was a long-standing furniture store that had become a staple in downtown San Jose. Hank Coca’s Downtown Furniture store ceased operations in 2017, ending 60 years of operation.

In 2018, a real estate company run by Kalanick paid $ 7.3 million for the historic building. The real estate business is called City Storage Systems.

Goldman Sachs Bank provided $ 100 million in financing for City Storage Systems, the Kalanick-led group that purchased the major building on the corner of East Santa Clara Street and South Third Street, according to Santa Clara County records.

The loan was granted at the time of purchase of the property. Considering the building’s value, it’s entirely possible that the vast majority of the $ 100 million will be used for other CloudKitchens or City Storage Systems projects orchestrated by Kalanick.

Exterior of a downtown San Jose building between 82 and 96 E. Santa Clara St., slated to become a CloudKitchens site, a business run by Uber co-founder Travis Kalanick, concept. The images show the exterior of the existing building (top) and the proposed new sign (bottom): “San Jose’s Downtown Food Hall”.

The group led by Kalanick is moving forward with an effort to radically change the uses of the building to turn it into a site for CloudKitchens, a company led by Kalanick.

Part of the building’s uses would be a “public catering establishment,” according to documents filed with the City of San Jose.

“Counter-style seating along the walls, along with a limited number of tables and chairs” would be among the features of the “dine-in-place” options on the building’s first floor, said Dana Peak, a town planner from San Jose.

Changes to all three floors of the historic building are being considered, according to a March 2021 report prepared by Strata Design Studio which assessed how the proposed uses would affect the historic nature of the building.

“The current owner of the building… is proposing to adapt the interior for use as a combination of office space on the upper floors and commercial kitchens with customer interface areas on the ground floor,” Strata said. Design in his report.

Venues and construction activities inside a CloudKitchens food hall which is scheduled for 82-96 E. Santa Clara St. in downtown San Jose.

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