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  • The Sofa Scratcher is a two-in-one sofa protector and scratching post.
  • The sofa scraper saved the upholstery on my third sofa and gave my cat an alternative to scratch.
  • Find out how Insider Reviews tests and reviews pet products.

My cat Osito is a sofa destroyer. He loves nothing more than a good scratch on the corner of the couch. Over the years, these claws have torn apart two separate sofas. So when I bought an expensive new sofa, I had serious concerns about its fate under Osito’s reign.

The Sofa Scratcher kept the corner of my new sofa from being torn like its predecessors. This not only protected Osito’s sofa, it gave him an alternate surface for scratching in the center of the living room, something cats are instinctively drawn to.

What is the sofa scraper?

The manufacturer sent me the Sofa Scratcher to test our guide to the best cat furniture protectors. This awesome product is both a sofa protector and a scratching post. It is 24 inches tall with two 5.5 inch wide sisal covered surfaces that form a 90 degree angle. A clear polycarbonate base attached to the bottom of the post slides under the foot of a sofa to anchor the scraper and keep it flat against a corner of the sofa. The back of the Sofa Scratcher is covered with felt to protect the padding underneath.

A brown chair on a purple rug with the sofa scraper attached

The cat scratching post is available in six neutral colors to complement your chair or sofa.

Shoshi Parks / Initiate

When anchored under a sofa leg, the 6-pound sofa scraper is strong enough that it won’t budge when my 12-pound cat and her claws go all the way. On arrival, it only requires the most basic assembly – inserting three screws to secure the base to the post – which took me under five minutes.

The Sofa Scratcher is available in seven colors to match your sofa. If your sofa has rounded corners instead of squares, there is a semicircle shaped sofa scraper for a better fit. Unfortunately, if your cat’s favorite scratching point is on the sofa cushions or the top of the arm, the Sofa Scratcher won’t be of much help.

What my sofa and the Sofa Scratcher look like a year later

The Sofa Scratcher saved my sofa. Since installing this furniture protector last fall, Osito’s claws haven’t touched the upholstery, with one exception: he’s still able to reach the roughly 2 inches of the corner of the sofa sticking out of the seat. scraper. But even though he can still access this small section when he’s scratching, he’s not able to sink his claws and tear it apart like he could when his whole arm was exposed. For cats who can dig into this exposed edge, a small piece of Sticky Paws scratching tape may deter them from this behavior.

The Sofa Scratcher held up well. While it does have a few loose sisal strands in the areas Osito likes to scratch the most, it doesn’t look ragged after a year of use. It’s just as good at redirecting its scratches away from sofa upholstery today as it was when we first received it.

Black cat sitting in front of the sofa scraper

Osito considers digging his claws into the Sofa Scratcher.


The bottom line

I wish I had found the Sofa Scratcher years ago when Osito started shredding his first of two sofas. It would have saved me a ton of money, not to mention the pain of helplessly witnessing the slow destruction of my furniture.

Because the Sofa Scratcher is both a sofa protector and a scratching post, I don’t have to discourage Osito from conditioning his claws and leaving his scent on the most important piece of furniture in the living room – something cats instinctively are. attracted to claim like theirs while scratching. Instead, I can let him do what comes naturally, knowing my sofa won’t be any worse to wear.

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