Cardi B’s New York Home Tour: See Photos of Her New Home


A double staircase? French doors? Rapper Cardi B’s huge New York home has it all. Recently, Cardi shared a mini home tour video and an updated photo of her New York home on Instagram. Although he is in the middle of a renovation, with no furniture for now, we couldn’t help but let our jaws drop at the amount of space in his abode. Complete with high ceilings, wide hallways and tons of windows, the size of Cardi B’s new home makes sense given her star power. But this amount of square footage in New York? Unbelievable. “I’m so proud of myself,” Cardi said in an Instagram post. “I work so hard to keep my kids comfortable wherever they are, no matter the job.” Comfortable is an understatement – just look at its size!

Originally from New York City, Cardi pointed out that having a home where she grew up gives way to lots of family time. “Now having a home in New York, I can have reunions with my family all the time !! I’ve accomplished so much but still feel far from all the goals I want to accomplish. It’s a dream I want to accomplish. I can cross.. ”

News of her newly purchased home comes just a month after Cardi’s birthday, for which her husband, Offset, bought her a six-bedroom, seven-and-a-half-bathroom mansion in the Dominican Republic. Cardi wrote Offset a thank you on Instagram, saying, “First, I’m so glad you’re really listening to me and not just smiling and nodding so I can stop telling you about it 😂. Two. , you don’t think my investing ideas are wacky and three, I love that you asked my dad to work with you on this. You and my dad (and the 🤱🏽) are the most important men of my life and it makes me so happy that you are close and have your own connection and your own relationship. ”

This most recent purchase makes Cardi the proud owner of four homes, with two more located in LA and Atlanta. Stay tuned for a more extensive tour of the house Cardi alluded to in her Instagram post. Judging by his excitement, we have a feeling it will come sooner rather than later.

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